SC6000's and 1850 - Ethernet vs WiFi - Causing lags?

I’ve got two SC6000 (1.5.3 firmware) with an 1850 mixer (1.2 firmware). The two SC6000’s are connected to the hub on the back of the mixer, and the mixer’s PC port is connected to a switch on my LAN (with full Internet connectivity).

I have a 2TB SSD in one my my SC6000’s SATA bay.

I noticed that when browsing the SSD on the remote player (the one without SSD), the player was incredibly laggy, unusable, trying to load songs from the other player. I even had to power it off. The player seems to play local sources just fine.

One thing I realized, it that both SC6000’s had WiFi configured and enabled. This would mean they might be dual-homed on the same LAN. Normally, this shouldn’t be an issue (for regular PC’s, that is), but I’m wondering if this might be the source of my issue?

I’ve disabled WiFi on the players, and things are zippy again, for now. However, I was debugging several things at once and can’t be sure that the network change is what did it.

What’s the recommendation here?

Something worth noting and may fix this “lag issue;” the manual for the SC6000/5000’s basically says “when using ONLY TWO SC6000/500’s…two total…connect them together with a single network cable…NOT to the built-in network hub on the x1800/1850.”

Have you tried this?

And losing X18x0 integration… I would not do that. All connections are Gbit anyway, so the lag must be from somewhere else.

Engine info is only traveling over wired connection. I would also disable WiFi, if you have it all wired up anyway, just to be sure. I’ll test some more; could be multi-homed related.

Yeah, I did a set the other day and it was OK with WiFi off, but I’m still watching it.

I need mixer integration and am also using stagelinq with Sound Switch. So directly connecting the players is not an option.

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Have you tried a smaller SSD hard drive? Denon recommends smaller hard drives as the larger ones cause lag issues. I use two 500 gb crucial ssd drives and they work perfectly