SC6000M only: problem with beat sync

This is not a rant, but there is one little thing about the SC6000M that annoys the hell out of me. By now I’m really convinced that it would have been better to buy the SC6000 (without the motorized platter).

I have observed with both SC6000Ms that the Beat Sync simply deactivates itself from time to time and “falls back” to Sync only. If you don’t notice this and then don’t hit the buttons 100% exactly, the tempo is correct but not the beat. It’s no problem for me to correct that quickly. But its audible and I don’t want that - its simply annoying. I haven’t found out for ages why beat sync deactivates itself on both units - until yesterday.

The problem lies in the construction of the SC6000M itself. Whenever I stop the player, the platter spins a tiny bit further, or it stops and then spins back a few millimetres. This happens even if you set the stop time to “fast”. It’s probably the way it is, because the platter has a lot of weight and momentum and there is no way to stop it absolutely instant without even the tiniest bit of further “overtravel”.

However, this minimal “overtravel” is interpreted by the electronics as if I had touched (and moved) the platter. This in turn causes the Beat Sync to fall back into the “normal” Sync mode - which is as expected. The only problem is that at that moment I neither wanted nor noticed this.

So this is why, very often when I stop the platter using the play/pause button, the Beat Sync unintentionally falls back into Sync only.

There will certainly never be a solution to this problem. But it shows a limit of design with moving platters. I am now annoyed that I didn’t take the normal SC6000, which would fit my way of working much better than the SC6000M.

So if someone is considering whether to take the SC6000M or rather the SC6000 - if you do a lot of performance, e.g. use hotcues in connection with Beat Sync extensively (will affect many who come from Traktor), the SC6000 without motorized platter is definitely the better choice.


I noticed also this with SC5000M and the same problem is with loop out point correction. I think the solution would be when You hit CUE, the player should ignore the platter spin for a second or 2

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Yes, of course. There should be some kind of tolerance, perhaps user adjustable.

I reported that some time ago to the devs, but still not solved… still waiting…

Did you post it on this forum?

Im noticing sync issues also with my sc6000ms but as I’ve only had them 1 day I thought it might just be me doing something wrong. Can you please quickly explain how to sync beat and normal modes? Maybe I’ll try with platter off. But when I hit a hot queue in quantise mode etc. it never starts on the beat either. Maybe it’s not meant to?

There are three sync modes

Which one are you using?

Try the Bar and Beat modes, those should allow quantization when you press PLAY or HOTCUE

Normal CUE is not Quantized

Then change Quantize to 1 beat. That may make a difference

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Thanks, my issue, and this reported issue seems to be resolved for me. As long I do not touch the platter after stopping sync stays on. Also sync start/hot queue is working now on beat mode :slight_smile:

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