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Whilst I wait for my 6000M to arrive, i’m just thinking of the best possible way to handle new music. I currently download fresh tunes (between 1 and 20/30) usually 1 day a week, move them onto my external SSD, then at the venue before I start, i can just drag them from there into serato, quick analyze and i’m good to go.

Now with the 6000M, i’m thinking, install an SSD in the unit and then for getting the new tunes onto the unit, would it be best to throw those new songs on dropbox and then on the unit can I drag them from dropbox and save them onto the SSD from the 6000 screen?

Not sure this will work.

  • You could continue using your serato workflow but with added engine prime step

  • When you have completed crating, setting hotcues, analyses etc in serato, update your serato DB in EP Copy your serato crates to EP crates, see this thread for current limitations

  • Plug the serato SSD into your 6000M and you can play from it.

You can update your internal SSD at intervals

I have removed the installed SSD on the 6000m, i prefer using removable drives

That sounds like a good plan, so I have a crate in Serato “New Downloads” I just add them into there, then when I open engine prime is it just a case of refreshing the serato database in engine prime and it picks up the new tracks added? I might just continue using external then. I already have a good 512gb SSD external that I use with Serato

My understanding is that the import options in Engine Prime are only there to get your data into the new system, rather than constantly re-importing.

I guess the thinking is that anyone buying the Prime units wants to get away from using DJ software, and will be transferring from A to B, not going back and forth.

Yes it will pick up your entire Serato Library (old and new tracks)

Since you already have a New Downloads serato crate, you can then copy the contents of that into created New Downloads crate in the Engine Prime tab.

PS the Serato drive will work on the 6000M if its exfat.

I also have a smaller thumb drive i can export a few tracks to as well if i dont need the entire Serato library for the gig.

Yeah for the first big copy over I’m fine with copying the contents over in the EP tab. I’m just thinking for moving forward after that what’s the easiest way to add the weekly new tunes to that crate! :slight_smile:

Subsequent refresh of serato database is EP will be quicker.

You can sort the Serato tab in EP by date created or added column.

Select all tracks added after a date, right click and add to collection

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