sc6000m + DMX arcNet Howto

hello, i am a bit lost. i have denon sc6000m, macbook pro, engine DJ and 2 dmx interfaces:

  • enntec usb dmx pro
  • Showtec NET-2/3
  • several DMX lights from StairVille brand , few lasers. i want to have some basic control over lights.

do i need to buy / rend any aditional software ? i can’t find any howto documentation / video. i have no experience with DMX. please give some info to start…

Soundswitch desktop


so there is no free way to use my DMX lights ?

Not that I’m aware of

You may want to consider getting Soundswitch dongle

Cheap and cheerful

There are several ways to do that for free like

QLC Plus

But I can promise you neither of those options will satisfy you as much as the soundswitch option (depends on the mixer you have. You need a mixer that has midi outputs so soundswitch knows where the faders at)

I tried different softwares before, but only soundswitch provides the easy use solution I wanted to find. Spent the money for it.

Otherwise I think this is the wrong forum to get Dmx help other than for soundswitch. Since all the other software solutions don’t need neccearly Denon specific equipment.

@kluney you will need to purchase a subscription to the SoundSwitch desktop software as this will allow you to setup your necessary SoundSwitch venue that will include your fixture information. Once you have done this you can then export this project to your Engine Hardware. At this point if you do not want to make any changes to your SoundSwitch Venue then you no longer need a subscription to the SoundSwitch Desktop Software and can continue to use your DMX Hardware with your Engine Hardware for free. You would then only need a SoundSwitch Desktop subscription if you wanted to edit your venue or script audio files etc.