SC6000 « updating » message

I need answers here please. My last gig, I could not play with my SC6000. The one deck with the SSD 1TB would update fine in about 2 min. I started both decks an hour before playing. I made sure the second deck would also do the « updating » of my playlists and after 4 minutes it would see the tracks.

When I started playing live, the « updating » came back and would not load the tracks in time for mixing. I used the second layer of the first deck… and then then both deck froze.

I rebooted one not playing and then it did the « updating » again. I changed the LAN cables going to X1650 and same thing.

Tried a third time… and again… I had to forfeit my set to the following DJ with pioneer 3000. Goodness that felt shitty.

I tried again the next day and the same thing happened. My SSD is in Exfat, and appears fine when checked by disk utility.

Any suggestions? New SSD? Brand? Size? Are the SC6000 not working properly after 1 year?


There could be 1 track that is wrong and causes the hang up or the data base on Your ssd got corrupted. Check maybe by removing or renaming the data base on the ssd. Then make a fresh export to it and see what happens.

Did you contact support and or filed a bug report?

Even if a track in your database would be corrupted, it should never cause this kind of havoc, and the whole database should never be corrupted.

So I would make a backup of your current database for pathological reasons and make sure Denon pinpoints what went wrong, instead of just trying to start over…

PS: a known issue is that a locally connected USB stick loads its playlists instantly, but a networked one take around 30 seconds to a minute to load on the remote player. I contacted Denon several times about this but they can’t replicate it, although I am not the only one with this issue. Drive speeds can be related?

You also have to realise that your SSD is internally connected to the USB bus, so an SSD is not necessarily faster than a really fast USB stick.

Since updating to the 2.4 firmware i am experiencing freezing on both decks at random times I have used the same SSD since buying the decks, prior to the update i had no issues with freezing it seems to be happening more frequently and is really unsettling when trying to quick mix and the screen is stuck, the freeze can last for 2-3 seconds to around 20 seconds. This needs to be addressed by a further update asap.

I would reset both players; Format the SSD; Re-export from latest engine DJ from computer.

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my ssd is fine based on the diagnostic it is the players that are freezing the music is still playing is there a way to roll back to the previous 2.2. update as I had no issues with that but cannot seem to find a way to download it.

Just bought a few weeks ago a pair of sc6000 updated them to 2.4 formatted my drives and exported my music through engine dj, and had several random reboots during my sets during this short period of using them, to me it seems it is a firmware issue looking forward to fixing it…