SC6000 review videos

Why are there no in depth videos of the sc6000. Every single reviewer says something along the lines of, we covered that on the 5000, so blah blah blah. Have reviewers become this lazy?


What about this?

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Yeah, the Crossfader video is about the best you’re going to find (as of now). I know, I 've looked.

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Same for me - I have wondered if they are more in-depth reviews out there but that doesn’t seem to be the case, neither in video nor text/magazine form. As tech-nerd I do love reviews a lot! :wink:

Now the SC5000s are indeed quite similar, since buttons and the operating system are identical. The improved jog could be of interest for many users and how the additional screen estate is beneficial for browsing (where the new CDJ is currently ahead imho, same for the jog display).

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Yup need a full in depth one