SC6000 Repair / Spare parts Times

Put my SC6000’s in for repair in the uk in november but I’m being told there is no ETA due to denon setting up a spare parts facility so aren’t sending out parts until this is complete.

I’m a resident DJ in a club and having to borrow a XDJ-XZ for the last 3 months while I wait for any update on denon.

Does anyone have anymore info on this as i’ve not had my players since november and all they need is play / cue buttons.

By who? InMusic themselves? An authorised service center? An unauthorised service place?

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the authorised service centre has been contacting denon about the spares but denon has said they can’t send out spares until the new inMusic spares portal / department is open.

This is a big issue that Denon has knowing they don’t have parts you send your gear in for repair you can’t get any info. on the status, the costumer service will flat out lie to you. I don’t think Denon understands that after spending thousands of dollars on gear for your business this is your livelihood. This is why inMusic brands are viewed as inferior, it’s not just the gear they make but the costumer service experience that goes a long way in building a brand and loyal costumers.

Reach out to Bird Brains Music in Reno, NV. Provide the parts numbers and see if they can ship em to you.

There’s a lot of speculation and, to be fair, outright guesswork in some cases, when people are broadcasting to the world about “denon aren’t x because” or “denon are lying”

Unless there’s a genuine mind-reading act going on, in which case you’ll already have sense whether I’m going to applaud or not.

I took one of my SCs into repair in the UK about 6 weeks ago and it was repaired and out again just 7 or 8 days later, working fully again.

Now, post global pandemic there’s a massive massive shipping backlog hundreds of thousands of shipping containers are full of new products, spares, all makes, all models, all manufacturers. So if those spares that are trapped 600 shipping containers back, under 30 layers of other shipping containers and can’t be reached until thousands of empty shipping containers have been moved out the way first by a quarter of the lorry drivers that were around before the pandemic, then things won’t be moving much. Yet.

It’s a similar situation in many ports. It’s got some benefits - namely, if there’s a backlog on new items, then second hand prices stay very high.

If the spares that are needed are in the right country when they’re needed then the repair turnaround time on repairs seems pretty quick to be honest, from personal, and very recent experience

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Everything I said is from my direct experience over the last few months at no point did Denon say anything about the pandemic.

My first paid gig was in 1985 I’ve been doing this for a long time and have a lot of gear from many different companies and have had to use costumer service with some of these companies. The people I experience with Denon have been some of the most unprofessional I have had to deal with in this business. I didn’t buy the Prime 4 just to come in here and bash Denon. I stand behind everything I’ve said!

Maybe , but not recent compared to how fast things can be turned around. You post of 40 days ago, from todays date refers to how your unit was away for 3 months, then an hour and a half phone wait, then 3 weeks of being told that they were going to send you a new one.

You’ve omitted the date that all of the above timeline actually started

but even if you wrote that posted on the day your replacement unit arrived, your experience is 4 months + 40 days (so 5 months plus).

My experience is as of January 2023 eg: it shows how Denon/InMusic repairs are performing NOW.

Both the distant and the recent recollections can be ticked as “True” in the different years in which they occurred.

It seems fair to say that Denon/InMusic repairs are performing better now than they were just 5 months ago.

Pandemic Supply chain issues are a real thing and they are impacting everything.

I deal with Zebra technologies (huge printer and barcode scanner company) in my day job and I’ve spent circa £1,000,000 with them on behalf of my company. Yet despite being a large customer of theirs I’ve had to wait months on top of the usual 6 week lead time for both purchases and repairs.

The stuff just isn’t there right now.

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We’ve had to stall our roll out of zebra printers at my job for this same issue. It ■■■■■ cause the citizen printers they are replacing are a total pain in the ass. CLS400’s were great a decade ago, but Zebra Ticket printers are way easier to deal with.

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Hahaha I feel the pain… I have to configure and install them as part of my role so I know far more about them than I’d like to admit :rofl::rofl:, certified printer nerd. And also android based scanners too.

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We use the Android scanners/PDA units at work for scanning passengers into muster stations on ships as part of the safety procedures. Spotted the same ones in use in ASDA on the shop floor for stock and picking.

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Haha yeah Tesco are all aboard the Zebra train.

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You’re not dealing with inMusic or Denon unless Zebra is part of their group, I bet when you send gear in for warranty repairs to Zebra if you call their service center the person you talk to you get the name and extension number. after 2 weeks if you had a question you can call that person, leave a message and get a return call or emails. I would also bet if Zebra told you that your gear would be ready for return shipment in one week, and if they couldn’t make that date that they would contact you. With Denon it doesn’t work that way, you will never talk to the same person twice and it’s not like I would call 5 times a day. I was told it would ship out to me on Monday by Wed. I would call leave message, Thursday I would leave two messages, Friday I would have to call costumer service and start all over again with a different person. After 6 to 8 different people and months and months of this they stop taking my calls, I must have gone through every person in the costumer service or I was black listed. I had to call in and act like I was a distributor just to get someone to take my call. I asked for the manger of their costumer service, That person promised me a new unit and guess when it would ship… on Monday always Monday, After not getting any shipping info or call, or email I called the manager and left a message and a email asking for the shipping info. he never called back or respond to the email. this went on for another few weeks, I sent a finale email and message saying I was going through my credit card to get a refund and saying I felt like I had been lied to. He got mad and sent an email and said “WE DOIN’T GIVE REFUNDS”

Does this give you the impression that inMusic or Denon cares or appreciates my business? I had planned to buy two 6000’s to go with the Prime 4. All they had to do was to treat me with an ounce of respect. This is a huge problem that goes from the top to the bottom with inMusic and Denon’s costumer service

But none of that escapes the fact that there are huge supply chain issues worldwide, which you’re seemingly unable to grasp.

My Prime 2 has been away twice for repair, for a total of 3 months. I was advised by my retailer (who arranged the repair) that the news wasn’t good regarding repair times so I went out and purchased a cheap backup unit to see me through. After that I never felt the need to contact Denon as I was already aware it was going to take a long time.

InMusic has always hit me up within a few minutes during their business hours. Have you tried using the chat feature on the support ticket site?

And nothing escapes the fact that, One: I did not lie, Two: inMusic and Dennon customer service is a joke, Three: At any point they could have said I can’t tell you when it will be ready, but they chose to treat me like crap, Four: The Supply Issues: It had been going on for more than a year when I sent mine back, could that have been a problem? maybe. You would think at least one person could have been straight with me. They volunteered the dates. Five: I used every tool available including this forum. I would call during business hours. I think it was work order numbers I was given.

Everyone here is so fast to stick up for inMusic and Denon’s costumer service but only one of you had any dealings with them. I can only speak for my experience.