SC6000 MCX8000 Link Compatibility

Hello everyone, I have the MCX8000 and I want to buy SC6000 x2, I would like to know if I can connect SC with MCX using LINK and serato, is this possible or do I need a separate mixer to work with SC and serato?

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MCX will not work with Prime series in LINK. Via USB with Serato - all should work if Serato allows for it.

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Thanks for answering, I understand that I should use the line input and use it as a normal mixer without link and is it impossible to use the serato filters or others with line?


Adding serato or any other program will add delay in the signal. That will make harder to dj with. I don’t know if serato allows for live input, effect and output to an external mixer. In Traktor that is done easy and simple. But still, any computer processing adds a noticeable delay

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Thank you very much for the answers @NoiseRiser, I will use the SC6000 connected in a simple way RCA to MCX8000, later I will buy a mixer type DJ X-1850

For my part, topic closed and thanks again

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You’re welcome, and happy mixing

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