SC6000, LC6000 & x1850

I can’t seem to find a definite answer as to if this setup is supported for use with SoundSwitch.I have asked SS but they not replying?

I do not as yet own the x1850 mixer but I have downloaded the manual and all that covers is plugging in up to four SC6000’s, no mention of the LC.

So has anyone got this combo up & running with SS and Eng Lighting?

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The LC6000 simply controls the second layer of your SC6000. Don’t know what more info you seek?

But can the SC/LC combo control the lighting like two separate SC’s will?

i.e. SS show that you can plug player 1 in net port 1, 2 into 2 etc, but you cant do that with the SC/LC combo. Player 2 or the LC6000 don’t have its own Lan connection.

PS. I already have a SC6000 & LC6000

An LC isn’t another player. It is still only player1.

The second layer of player1 probably ends up on another channel of the mixer. Engine Lighting will register that second channel fader position to know to what beatgrid it should “listen”.

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That’s how I would like to think it’ll work, but I’m looking for confirmation because I have yet to find any reference to it in all the SS video’s etc.

It would be real good to know from someone that has an SC, LC and x1850 and uses Lighting, before I go purchase the mixer.

You are speaking more or less to the right person. :blush:

However, I primarily use the onboard SoundSwitch (Engine Lighting) to control Philips Hue.

I do have a second SC6000 and some SC5000’s but still only one player is the Lighting controller for all.

Cool, so both faders associated with the SC & LC control the Hue lights OK? If so that’l be a good start to believing it will work SS too.

See no reason why the set up won’t work. Your set up is no different to just using one 5/6000 in layer mode. I have tested this before albeit 2 players as 4 layers

Shot a video for you:

Too bad the audio is very very far away on this one, but you get the idea. :wink:

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Thanks Reese, you’re a star.

I’m glad it works because I did not want to buy another SC6000 and loose the stacked waveform view you get with the LC, not to mention the extra dosh

FWIW, you don’t need an LC for stacked waveforms.

I didn’t think an SC could show its waveform with a waveform from another SC, only its own second layer.

I’ve only got the one SC6000 so it’s not something I can test, I have seen it as a feature request on here somewhere though.

You said:

Which view do you loose then?

Yes . Waveform from the other player is a request to vote on.

The standard SC/LC view with one waveform on top of the other.

With the two SC’s being used, both using Layer-A so they only have the one big waveform on each screen.

Remember I only have one SC and one LC which does give me my preferred view

You loose no view and still have layer A and B per player visible.

  • Disconnect or power off the LC.
  • Press and hold shift+view on the SC.

Unless you only seek to have 2 active layers in total.

What’s up @Mixed,

It works. All lighting is controlled by the x1850 and the lightshow depends on which channel fader is up (1-4).

I went ahead and got an X1850 mixer and now that I have had some time to test this I can report my findings.

It all works fine and just as I had hoped, so thanks for the help guys

My LC6000’s are due for delivery in the next 24 hours, can’t wait!

I have one set up for the third deck of my Serato rig and it works flawlessly, even on USB power alone. Something like a DDJ-S7 and a pair of them would be a fantastic portable 2 deck Serato rig, with the LC’s connected to the USB hub in the back of the S7.

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