SC6000 jogwheel sounds rattling

Just got my hands on my sixth set of Denon SC6000’s.

First player had weird finish compared to other newer units.

Now i sent the two old ones to the retailer to make sure i would get players from same batch. Unfortunately they are not. one had 1.6.1. firmware and other 1.5.4.

Problem is that the older versions seem to have bad quality control. My jog wheel is way heavier on the old model and it makes very audible noise when spinning, new units are almost guiet. What should i do? send them back and get pioneers? i want sae batch and same finish and same feel on every player.

CDJ3000’s too have lots of problems with uncentered, clicking, noisy and failed jogwheels.

I would return the units and get a matching batch pair.

Yeah, i had mismatched batch pair earlier. The aluminium finish was off in two of the players. It had 1.5.4. or 1.5.3. firmware. I returned them yesterday when i was informed that my new pair is ready for collect… I came home and now this. Other is firmware 1.6.1. and no problems with it, other has bad jog wheel and 1.5.4. firmware.

If there will be even one time that i need to return these im going back to Pioneer.

Hello Jeni, my controller is making some noise as well. I think the software running was 1.5.x when I received it 2 months ago. In your main post, you are saying the 1.6.x controller is almost quiet. Could you perhaps make a video of that controller showing how the sound is like? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Newest unit doesn’t make any noise when spinning, it works perfect. All older models are making noticeable noise. Something has changed in manufacturing process. Would have post a video but don’t know how. And i think it’s pointless anyways. Jog wheel tension doesn’t affect it either.

CDJ3000’s too have lots of problems with jogwheels.

3 out of 4 of my Denons sound exactly like that broken CDJ in the first video. One is completely silent and that was the only one with fw 1.6.1 preinstalled.

If i remember correctly my friends new (fw 1.6.1) Denons are completely silent and smooth too.

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one of mine does that same rattly noise, other one is fine. I found if you place a small bit of foam underneath that puts pressure on the base (where the 2 screws in the middle are) the rattly warbly sound goes away as well

That is not solution though. Seems something inside is way too tight or way too loose.

While the above ( adjustment/hack/mod ) lessens the noise, just watching that video, that jog is either not 100% centered or the jog itself is warped. You can see it wobble as the jog is spun. I wonder if that’s a contributing factor in the noise.

Not seeing a diagram or schematic of the parts and assembly it’s only speculation at this point unfortunately.

If you want to hear noisy jog’s, try some CDJ-400’s

Did the sc5000’s exhibit issues like this previously or is this only isolated to the sc6000’s?

I tried SC5000’s at my local retailer, both jog’s were bad and tightness adjustment wasn’t even. Like the jog spun more loose halfway when i tried to spin it on the heaviest setting.

DJ Lab said that there is somekind of belt inside the player that controls the tightness. So i think it offsets the platter wich causes the rattling…

All my 3 5000’ had slightly different jog tension, but all 3 loosened up with a few long sets and are butter smooth now.

But is the spinning always smooth? like it won’t get stuck after half spin on the loosest setting?

No, it spins smoothly

so then there are some quality control issues at the Denons end. this is quite common.

Look at the bottom of your decks and check where it was made.

All made in Taiwan. Now when i checked the quiet one and flipped to check the country of origin, the it started make slight noise too. :sweat_smile: