SC6000 Jog wheel wobble

Is this normal wobble on SC6000? My 2nd player wobbles too but tiny bit less. They work fine when beatmatching but feels little annoying when you press platter and you feel it clonk

sc6000 jog wheel - YouTube here is the video

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Strange. Most of your tracks are usually the same BPM and, like me, you’re not a big scratcher. You’re barely even using your platters. I wonder why that would happen to yours. Other than being annoying feeling, has it altered the performance of the bend or touch at all, like becoming intermittently non-responsive?

They were like this since i got them (brand new). So you saying yours doesnt wobble at all like that? I just wanted know was it normal because the other one was like that too and i cant believe if i had that bad luck to get 2 monday copys. They seem responsive so i think they work on that area. But sure they are mega annoying and yeah i dont scratch on my videos but i do enjoy practice scratching off screen. Might need to email thomann also where i got them to see what they will say.

My three SC5000 non-Ms do not wobble. They have slightly different rotational resistance from each other, though. The braking mechanisms on the 5000s are also prone to producing plastic dust inside, so it’s best to not use that mechanism or keep it on the lower settings. If I recall correctly, there were supposedly some changes to the SC6000 non-M jog. I’m surprised you’ve lived with it for this long without inquiring about it. I’ve never heard of this before. Maybe some other 6000 users will chime in.

I just got email back from denon support and they also watched the video and said thats not normal. Cant believe i had that bad luck to get 2 bad copys :persevere:

Just got my units pack with message No problems found… like what the actual f***. First i contacted multiple people is this normal and everyone said even the DENON support said: it doesnt look normal. I cleaned both players, shipped both units and took over month them to get back. They arrive looking scuffed, dust marks all over them,other player jog wheel scratched twice with something sharp. Both tempo faders had opening to them, the soft fabric or whatever is there was bend on both. So if your player isnt broken 100% dont send them for inmusic repair EVER!!! They will just brake them even more and do nothing.

Hi @DJFITME - I’m very sorry to hear of the trouble. This is not the experience we want for our customers. I’ve escalated this with the team, and someone should be reaching out to you soon to make this right. Thank you for your patience and support.

Hi, I just wanted to clarify if the platters on the SC6000 players are supposed to have a bit of a wobble when touched? Both mine do have this and is a bit annoying feeling the clunk as another poster mentioned. One of them seems to not be as responsive as the other player when in vinyl mode and needs more pressure applied for it to work effectively. Could this be an issue with the actual player? I bought them in Jan this year so still under warranty.

Good question. Iam new to denon products and bought the sc6000 and lc6000 bundle. I have noticed that both sc6000 have very little wobble. Nothing to complain about.

But both lc6000 are smooth as fu**. Like floating… I can assume that they have changed something between sc6000 and lc6000 and would love to have that kind of smoothness on my sc6000 which are ofc more expensive…

I bought mine in Jan this year and was only a couple of month back I found out the store I’d got them from was doing a deal. If you bought a SC6000 player you got one of them other players that you’ve got for free. Was gutted at the time, but I would’nt of had the room anyway for them next to my set up as I don’t have a propper DJ unit nor the space for one. Currently using a coffee table while sat on a foot rest. At least I’m comfy sat down and not pulling my back out.

I have 2 sc6000s. And both of them have jog whell problem. The balance is distorted and there is noise sound. It is unpleasant to use such a bad plate.

i have 2 sc6000 players same problem. jogwhell gap. wobbling turning. rustling and clicking noises. i can’t believe they made poor quality found in biggest and most important part of cigaz. so boring using :frowning: