SC6000 Jog Wheel (Platter) issue - Wheel Adjust (brake) not working and noisy

Last night I recognised that there is something different with the Jog Wheel of one of my two SC6000. The wheel adjustment (break) is not working as expected and I am getting a scratchy sound if I turn the platter.

I always recognised that there are small differences between the player (also to the LC6000 I have) but now it is completely out of tolerance.

Is this a know problem ? I have read that in some cases new SC6000 are returned immediately because of miss functionality of the platter but I am not aware that someone got this problem after a certain amount of time. I am not hard core scratching, I am only cuing up my tracks.

Is there a way to fix the issue by myself or do I have to return the unit. This would be really hard since I already started a request and it is said that it can take up to 6 weeks for repair.

Maybe it is possible to exchange the platter with one of my LC6000 and send this one to repair instead. I think this would be a better option for me.

6 weeks is a very long time and I can not believe that Denon DJ is expecting that we can put one on spare for the case one player is stopping to work.

I have had to return my SC6000 after two days and then have replaced them three times after that. They refuse to address the issue. The SC6000 should have been recalled. What a disaster.

I have 3 SC5000’s (3 years old units) - one of the units was a little scratchy brand new, but after about a month of use (light beatmatching use), all 3 felt the same. It’s hard to say if it only needs a little ‘break-in’ or if the unit is faulty without touching it. if it feels very rough, uneven or the jog wheel adjustment doesn’t really change platter “weight”, it may be faulty.

My player was working when I got them more or less fine. The problem started just now after around 9 month. Since the player are really treated well, always covered and only used at home I am wondering how this could happen.

There are always some faulty devices which can break at a certain time but my biggest concern is that it is said take a really long. Up to 6 weeks is really a long time and I am wondering if there could be something done by myself.

Denon has Platter issues with SC6000. They refuse to address it. I believe the platters are defective.

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Definitively, maybe Denon fixed it for SC Live 2 and 4

I thought the consensus on both the touch SC5000 and SC6000 was to NOT use the touch platter tension adjustments and to instead keep it as low as you can get away with to prevent plastic dust from building up inside that can gunk up the mechanism and the electrical contacts for the platter.

I guess it still is, but it should just work like intended, no?

i have 2 sc6000 players same problem. jogwhell gap. wobbling turning. rustling and clicking noises. i can’t believe they made poor quality found in biggest and most important part of player

Sorry to bring this back from the dead but I’m curious if the sc6000 platters have a design flaw or if it’s just a few with manufacturer defects?

This video shows some play when pressing down on the platter. I’ve see others post assumptions about the screen raising the platter and that’s why there is this play. Seems half baked to me since the platter could be designed to have a deeper recess to accommodate the screen.

If the sc6000’s in fact have platter issues how are the sc6000’m’s as an alternative? I have seen some issues with these players as well, though not with the platter but with adjusting loops on the m with the vinyl mode engaged. The video below illustrated this further though others say this is “as designed” but certainly seems wrong to me.

Again sorry for reviving this topic but I’d like to weed out any build issues before I commit to switching over to the newer sc6000’s.

This could be it in that case it’s a user issue

Regarding the looping issue, do the sc6000 and m units follow the same order of operations or is there a slight difference with the m unit?

I tried to have this fixed as well but according to Denon it is within spec. Very disappointing.

Was that the prime m loop issue or the platter play in the sc6000 that Denon said was within spec?

That would be the platter issue. I have the SC6000

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve been admittedly shy about going all in with these mainly due to a slew of bad luck with music gear over the past few years.

Mainly poor build quality or software issues combined with absolutely horrid customer service from each manufacturer.

These experiences I have been through have left me very cautious which is why when I saw these platter issues I was hesitant and disappointed.

I wish there was a shop near me so I could check these out for myself but alas there are none.

My Player has become officially useless. The platter is hitting the deck and backspins are impossible.