SC6000 internal computer dead after 1y 3m

Just wanted to post my experience here. I’ve converted from Pioneer setup to Denon in March 2021, because Denon pricing is more reasonable. I’ve got two SC6000 players, and was quite happy with them for about 1 year 3 months. Then, in July 2022 one of the players suddenly shown red dots and special symbols (during performance) all over the screen and stopped responding to commands. After restarting, the screen wouldn’t come on at all. I am only using the units lightly, maybe once a week for home parties. No drinks around, have dust covers, etc. Upon diagnostics by inMusicBrands (in the UK), the conclusion was that the internal computer just died (“our engineer identified an issue with the internal Carrier PCB - this is basically the central computer in the unit”). Of course, the manufacturer warranty is only 1 year, so I’d have to now pay for the part out of pocket. Only if the part was actually in stock… It is now expected to arrive in November, and is subject to change. So yeah. Just FYI. Nothing like this has ever happened to any other gear I’ve been using for > 5 years.

What country are you in? the warranty on my Prime 2 is 2 years and as far as im aware that is standard across all Denon gear? this is through an authorised dealer however.

Denon Official Product Warranty | Denon™

Edit: sorry i can see the UK, same as me, so should be 2 years.

You are looking at DENON, not Denon DJ, which is now a separate company owned by inMusic Brands. I was under the wrong impression about 2 years as well (because of exactly that page), when I was purchasing the items. Here is the official reply from the support:

Unfortunately you are over 12 months since you purchased the unit so you are now outside of the manufacturers warranty. Your place of purchase may have offered an extended warranty so please contact them to confirm if this is the case.

I didn’t get extended warranty from the seller, because I thought it would be impossible for the gear to just die by itself so soon.

My apologies, yes i made that mistake. No wonder its quite hard to find the actual warranty levels for DJ gear. I have mine insured through Allianz alongside all my cables, cases, laptop, speakers, headphones etc.

Luckily mine was within a year so they took it back but if i had to pay id put it through the insurance.

Did your “internal computer” also die, or something else? I think 1 year warranty on internal components is too short, and the fact that it’s only 1 year is well hidden (couldn’t find on Denon DJ website). Maybe they could have 1 year warranty on mechanical things (buttons, jog wheel) and 2-3 years on electronics. Oh well, just posting that as a warning for other people. It seems the best option for me now is to just buy another one, and pay for the extended insurance. The delivery for the part to repair has been rescheduled twice now, and I think there will be further delays.

Mine is some issue with the left channel where the tracks lag and Cue/Play buttons and Hot Cues become unresponsive. They have had the unit for a month now so i bought a Numark Mixtrack Pro to use whilst im waiting.

i agree it should be a bit longer.

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I have a SC6000 in for repair with a touchscreen that from time to time refuses to respond to touch gestures anymore, until I reboot the device.

Only to notice that a friends SC6000M does the exact same thing. So out of 4 SC6000’s, that’s 2 with a problem.

Oh, I am afraid now. I have to send one of my SC6000 to repair as well.

@akuz what did Denon DJ ask you to pay only to get an idea.

I had to pay the postage to send the device, and then they charge like £20-30 for diagnostics, but you don’t have to pay it straight away. When the part arrives, they will send the bill for the entire cost of repair, and then you can either accept and pay, or if you don’t like it, they can send your device back unfixed (as I understand), but you will still have to pay for diagnostics and postage back.