SC6000 how do I clear tracks displayed.

Only had these a few days and still a lot to learn but no matter what I do I can not clear / remove the last track played before closing the unit down / media eject. I know this must make me sound daft but can someone please advise. - Thanks Keith

Hello @DJKeith Welcome to the forum. What exactly do You want to clear? History list or playlist??

Hi NoiseRiser - My understanding from the manual is you must close everything before ejecting the media but what ever I try I cant remove or clear the last track played that is still on the screen. Thanks - Keith

like “eject track” right?

there is no eject track on the players

You don’t have to. Just click on Eject, the player will take care of closing all what he needs to close. And once the media is gone from the list, You can safely remove it.

Hi Mufasa Thanks for the info. - Keith

Hi NoiseRiser Thanks very much for the info. Keith

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