SC6000 doesn't recognize the exported playlists

Hello friends, I need you to help me. I just bought a Denon sc6000 and installed engine dj on my laptop. my laptop has windows 8.1 and engine dj 2.3.0. The problem is that my Denon SC 6000 doesn’t recognize the exported playlists. My Denon has system 1.4 my usb memory is in fat 32 and it recognizes the music by folders but not by playlist

If I understand you correctly you have Engine dj version 2.3.0 and SC6000 version 1.1.1

If that is correct you have problem, make sure Engine desktop and system on the SC6000 is on same version. (There is major changes on the database from version 1.x to 2.x, Then we are on version 3.2.0 now)

And then windows 8.1, wow.

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I’ve always worked with Tracktor and it works very well for me with audio 8 native instruments and my X1, so I didn’t change Windows because it’s efficient. One time I upgraded to Windows 10 and I started having a compatibility problem and had to go back to Windows 8.1. Now I dropped the Denon and I’m trying to make it compatible with engine dj. Thanks for your opinion. I think I will export with Rekordbox

Although I know that it doesn’t load the songs instantly, which is what I’m looking for.:cry:

My fear is that I update the system of my Denon to 3.2 and the problem persists because the 2.3 engine dj is the last one that can be installed for window 8.1😅 I see myself preparing everything in Rekordbox.

Whatever the highest you can update to on your computer, match that on the players.

If 2.3 is the last version you can go to, put 2.3 on your players.

As said above, there were some database updates 1.6 > 2.0 and I think one around 3.1 (from memory).

You can always downgrade the firmware on the players and takes a minute or two so go to the enginedj website and download the version that you need from there.

You may find that you can go higher on the players but some features may not work as good as you wanted. The players are designed to work without the computer so it maybe okay to go for the latest on those and see if your database is okay on the Engine DJ 2.3 computer. You’ll lose smartlists but most things ‘should’ work fine on the latest player software.

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Thanks a lot bro, I’ll check that out. but on the Denon tab only the latest 3.2 comes out anyway i will check

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If you go further down the screen there should be historic versions. There used to be.

Give it an a go and roll back if it doesn’t work out. There could be two updates within one. Sometimes when they update the surface firmware the unit may look like it starts up, freezes and then restarts. Just let it do its thing.

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Thanks for your support. My question is; If I update the firmware of the Denon to Version 3.2, which is the latest and only accessible one, will it be compatible with version 2.3 of Engine DJ? Do you recognize the exported playlists?

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It will be.

You just won’t be able to use the smartlists. All should be good.

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Thank you MrWilks.

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Scroll down under “What’s New?” and you’ll see Engine OS. The previous versions are there if you scroll down. Good to roll-back if you don’t like a particular version.

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Mr Thank you very much, I have just confirmed that I updated my Denon SC 6000 from version 1.4 to 3.2 and it already recognizes the playlist

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And you’ve got some awesome new features too.

You should be good to keep updating too. If you do find a version that suddenly doesn’t work, roll back to the previous one that did.

If there’s a major database change it may suddenly stop working which is rare but I feel most of their database changes are over now. You shouldn’t have many major worries in updating, going forward.

Enjoy the new features.

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Thank you very much MrWilks everything went super well. I was guided by a YouTube tutorial and it updated perfectly. It recognizes the lists that I export from engine dj version 2.3.0. A wonder loads the songs instantly that with Rekordbox it took a while.

I confirm from here for everyone who needs it or has recently bought some Denon cd players. You can update the firmware that comes from the store (1.4) to 3.2, the latest version that is on the web. For those who still have Windows 8.1, the latest version of software that supports it without giving errors on the PC or laptop is Version engine dj 2.3.0. Once you update the Denon to firmware 3.2, it is compatible with engine dj 2.3, so it will recognize all the playlists that we export to our flash drive. It does not if we leave it in the factory firmware version (1.x.x)

I hope this summary of my particular case will help others who have the same situation. Thanks to Mr Wilks and Dj Eric who replied to me.:pray:t4:


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