SC6000: Bodily Electrostatic Discharge Causes SC6000 To Trigger Jog Wheel Touch While Playing Track

I just bought an SC6000, and I’m having an issue where bodily electrostatic discharge causes the jog wheel touch to be triggered, which completely ruins a mix. This happens no matter what I touch on my table (x1800 mixer, Technics 1200s, SC5000, microphone, etc). I also own two SC5000 decks, and this phenomenon doesn’t happen with them at all. I’m starting to regret my purchase. Everything is grounded properly. It is cold and dry in Los Angeles right now, and seems like everything I touch shocks me this time of year. However, my SC5000s don’t exhibit this behavior. I can upload a video, if it will help. Is there any solution that won’t tether me to the equipment? Perhaps an anti fatigue floor mat to cover my carpet? Please advise. Thank you!

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As said before - this is a sign of very bad grounding…

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I mean in general; my car, door knobs, etc.

Then You have plastic shoe underlays that charge static while You walk. Not good.

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Get an antistatic wristband and strap and earth yourself out. Not necessarily bad grounding. Could be a number of issues like wearing nylon socks etc.


Do you have the brake turned up from minimum?

If so, the cause could actually be this and not exactly static electricity:

Otherwise, it could be a bad ground if you haven’t fully checked your outlets.

Regardless, I suggest you upvote this so we can better diagnose these touch issues in the future:

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Man I always knew Raiden off Mortal Kombat was a DJ



Take a look at these. They may help combat your problem…

Pretty sure the soles are rubber.

A tethered wristband seems like an awkward solution. I bought an anti-fatigue kitchen mat, and placed it over the carpet, and the issue seems to have disappeared. Carpet + cold/dry weather = BAD.

The brake is slightly up from minimum. I’m going to buy a receptacle tester today, and report back, but I’ve never had this issue with the either SC5000, even when they’ve shocked me.

Still take a look at those bracelets. Handy for a gig if you need it.

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UPDATE: Once I step off the mat and onto my carpet, then back on the mat, then touch any dj equipment on my table, the SC6000 reacts to the electrostatic discharge, while the SC5000 does NOT, while paying tracks. When I mist a little bit of water on the carpet right before the mat, and step on it prior to stepping back on the mat, the ESD does NOT happen. Also, if I take my shoes off, it doesn’t happen either. I think I’m going to get a humidifier to put some moisture into the air. :confounded:

UPDATE 2: I recently purchased another SC6000, and it does not exhibit the same ESD issue as my first. What should I do? Send it in for warranty repair?

in your case, I would send it back, YES! I’ve had the same problem with my sc6000 and this can not be! It was not the grounding in my case, it was just a bad unit and this problem existed from the very beginning… next week i’ll get a new unit and hope, that i’ll dont have this problem again…

UPDATE: Nice to see that my update and a reply verifying this is a known issue have both been removed.

So, I’ll post it again, with another update.

I got a second unit thinking that the original one that was giving me this issue was defective, and the second one does the same thing. I sent in the second (brand new) unit for replacement under warranty. Denon sent another new unit, and guess what… IT DOES THE SAME THING! I’m (sadly) giving up on the SC6000, and am reverting to the SC5000, which I have 4 of now, and none of them have this issue. Extremely disappointing/disappointed.

P.S. I am now going to copy this post and save it, just in case it mysteriously gets removed…again.

That’s really a strange difference you’re experiencing between SC5000 and SC6000.

BTW, I can view all removed posts and there is none in this topic, so: ???

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Hmmmm… Same here…