Sc6000 and Serato GUI

Greetings. I didn’t see a category for the SC 6000 So I opted to post here in hopes of a answer. There is quite a bit of screen real estate that is available now with this updated model. My question is, will Serato DJ’s GUI be able displays within the screens? or shall I say: each individual deck rather than looking at the laptop? Now that would be absolutely incredible IMHO. It would have me dashing to the store as we speak. :clap:

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Hi @manmachine - I just created a SC6000 area yesterday so, I’ll move this topic there in a moment.

In regards to your GUI question when used with Serato, that integration is still in the early days of development. So it’s hard to say what the final implementation will look like. I can say that we plan take full advantage of the 10" display and that we are always listening. So, while this may not be the definitive answer you were looking for, I hope it’s at least hopeful.

Personally, I think it’s a great :slight_smile:

Always appreciate the feedback!


Is there a chance to get moving waveforms on the SC6000 screen when using it as a controller for Serato?

Sorry, I am not at liberty to disclose information about unreleased products or integrations.


+1 on this feature request