SC5k and X1800 to be featured @ the Serato Masterclass in London @ 1900 on 21/3/17 For tickets…It’s Free

There is a Serato masterclass on at: Subbass DJ Academy 1st Floor, 10 Royal Street London SE1 7LL

21/3/17 @ 1900-2100

They will also have the SC5K and X1800 on hand, for us who have not yet seen it in person.

Hang tight anyone who’s wanting to attend this event to see/use the SC5000 and X1800. Myself and the marketing team were somewhat surprised a few days ago to see these two Prime units listed as part of this Serato tour. Serato DJ control capability for the Prime series will be coming soon, but it certainly won’t be shown at this event. We’ve reached out to Serato to query the above event/listings and I’ll post back here if I hear back anything soon. In the meantime, I’d suggest anyone who is planning to attend, to maybe tweet to Serato and ask them directly.

Eagerly awaiting their response Paul. The only reason I really wanted to go is to see the new units first hand. Please let us know asap as this is happening this Tues night.


Any developments on this? It’s on tonight.

Hi Rick

Sorry trying to find out the latest on this for you.
Our team is heading to Miami currently.

Serato sends their apologies for any disappointment this was mentioned on the invite in error. Fear not as opportunities to try these in the UK won’t be far off.

Thanks mate. I look foward to it. 🖒