SC5000Ms dont sractch anymore after 1.6.2.Update - instead they do a pitch nudge (with motor on)

SC5000Ms dont scatch anymore after 1.6.2.Update - instead they do a pitch nudge.

So the motor is running and you try to scratch but u get a pitch + - effect instead like they should do with motor off.

This occurs on both players.

the players have not been moved and use the same electricity curcuit and same cables in the same place as from day one with all other updates before.

The bug occured directly after the update.

Have you checked to ensure the vinyl are still snuggly attached? I’ve seen this happen when they come loose.

Did you update via usb cable? If so, is the usb cable still attached? If yes , disconnect it and try a scratch

i updated via USB Stick. and yes the Stick is still inside as its also the Stick with the music. but i will try another one and also remove the update file from the stick. makes technically no sense to me but i will try anything that could potentially help :wink:

downgrade to the last version and see if it still happens

I did a resintall of the 1.6.2 and after a restart its working.

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