SC5000M units do not communicate properly

As a side note, as you said to try a small hub, my units link way faster when connected to a 10/100 switch with DHCP disabled, than connected directly. Always used then connected directly (no problems at all since firmware 1.4) , but tried it with the switch last week to test speed as I plan to add a 3th unit.

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The most disappointing thing is Denon’s (non-existent) technical support. They have COMPLETELY ignored 2 requests for support I lodged over the last 2-3 weeks. Terribly disappointed, I thought they were better than that. Shame on them really, I’m thinking to return the units and get 2 Pionner XDJs, I’m sick of all these problems I had of being ignored/not supported. When they work well the SC500s are lovely but the company behind them seem to be on the unprofessional and poor customer care side.

Where did you lodge them?

Did you contact support via or post something to Facebook/Twitter?

If you go to the support page there are also telephone numbers. Did you phone?

I found via Google there is a Denon DJ Australia, with telephone number, email address, web site address.

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Do you really think Pioneer support is better? My cust experience with Pioneer Support is very whack and I think during corona it’ll be more difficult as before.

Give Denon a call, then you’ll be covered…

The 169.254 address means it cant see the DHCP server - have you configured DHCP on both units? If so, try adding a static /30 address to each unit, such as / and / = that might help.

If you read the older comments:

Units are connected to each other. No DHCP, so APIPA.

Static IP cannot be set on the units.


Fair enough.

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Thanks I will try Denon DJ Australia phone number. Yes O had lodged the problem in the official page. Which isn’t functional apparently as they never replied. The problem still stands

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