SC5000M - Platter issue

How do I find out how to do this?

@Freddy_Gang sent me a guide on PM here. Not sure how I can extract all and send it to you right now. Maybe he’ll be able to give you the same writeup?

Hi Freddy_Gang. I read your posts. I have the same problems with the sc5000m platter speed. Please could you send me the pictures for the repair process. Pleas also send me the manufacurer of the oil. Sorry for my bad english. Regards, Rob.

Does this group feel confident it’s from the grease being too cold and thick, or is it a matter of a lack of lubrication as in the grease just isn’t there in large enough quantities?

Ever since I lubed up, it’s been great.

When I opened the unit the old grease was like powder/concealer

That’s not a sentence that I’ve read before on these forums.


My units have difficulty maintaining speed, especially after platter drags, even after warm up much past +40%, which I find extremely difficult to believe is a result of a lack of torque available in reserve to bring it up to speed. That makes me think it’s a combination of the lubrication issue combined with either a speed regulation sensor issue or, more likely, a limit on the software’s use of the turntable torque after start up to maintain speed, because it has no problem getting up to speed initially. I suspect it’s probably possible to resolve most of this in the firmware, though it’s understandable this is a complex issue that resolving one contributing factor might fix the issue for most or maybe everyone.

I’m also wondering if it’s possible to just add a thin lubricant that could favorably mix with the bitumen, as you call it, rather than requiring the old grease be completely cleaned out of the motor first. If that is the case, perhaps this could be added to the top of the spindle entry with platters off without opening the units completely up.

Hi Freddy_Gang, I have the same problem. Can you please send me the photos and process you used? I sent one unit back last year and now the other one is doing the exact same thing so I am certain this is the same issue. Thank you so much.

Hey Kevin, You’ve got mail!

Anything unclear let me know.

Many thanks


Can you please PM me the link to your method too?

I actually don’t need to do it (yet) but I want to be prepared as I know it’s going to hit me at some point on my 5000Ms.

Do you want to DM me your email address so I can send you the instructions via email? Thank you


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@Reticuli Interesting. When I opened my players the old grease was pretty much caked - I struggled to take the spindles out it was so thick.

In any case, because of the way the motors are designed, it is pretty impossible to grease them without taking them apart. One of the first I tried when I first encountered the ‘slow platter’ issue was to put some bearings oil (like I used to do on my old turntables) from the spindle. It made zero difference.

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Hi, same problem here… Can you send me instruction with pictures?

Thanks a lot!

@Freddy_Gang I am having the same motor drift issue on one of my SC5000Ms. Can you PM me the instructions for this fix?


Hi freddy,

I have just purchased a secondhand unit which is experiencing some minor platter issues. Could you please send me the greasing instructions? Many thanks John

Hey John, sorry to hear you are having problems with your players. If the symptoms match the ones described in the thread here, I am pretty confident everything will be fixed once you clean the motors.

If you don’t mind sharing your email address, I will send you the instructions (which is a lot quicker than doing it on DMs here!). Many thanks, F


Hey Freddy_Gang, could you give me pics or instruction on this when you got spare time. Thanks

Can you please DM me your email address? It makes my life a lot easier! Cheers

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