SC5000M Platter "Drag"

Is there a way to make sure the “drag”, tightness… not sure what exactly to call it - of the platter on a 5000M is the same on 2 separate players? I have 2 and am getting seriously fed up of one playing slower than the other and stopping identical tracks at identical BPM going out of time. If I stop the platter motor on one though, then tracks stay in perfectly. Beginning to wish Id bought the non M versions now.

Check if Your platters sit correctly. Check if they are not pushed in too much or if the control vinyl sits on top correctly. Maybe too much lose on the slip mat makes the motor not correctly turning the vinyl, causing some drag on that.

I cant get the platters off on either player to check things. All I can remove at the moment is the control vinyl and the slipmat. Ive adjusted those as best I can so that both control vinyl pieces are tightened the same.

How can I remove the platters and how can I check if they are seated correctly once they are on?

After removing the control vinyl You should be able to just pull off the platter by holding it with Your fingers by the holes in the platter (like on a turn table).

If it’s tight, that could be the source of your issue.

Ive tried to remove both platters doing that and neither come off. Im worried that pulling it too much will damage something.

They should come off, if not, then give a gentle tap (with peace of wood, or plastic) on the spindle while lifting the platter. It is not good if it is stuck like that.

This is a trademark for Direct drive turntables. :laughing:

You have to pull it up perfectly straight. Give it very light jerks upwards.

Yep. thumb(s) on the center pin. :wink:

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@Wyley1 my 1200 platters come off just fine. Im very used to those. The Denon ones though… not so much

It takes a little finesse to pull it off. You could use parchment paper as spacers for when you set the vinyl on and the pull em off after you’re done.

Another thing is that it’s best to take the platter off after the unit has cooled off.

Did you fix this issue? One of mine suddenly started doing the same thing a few weeks ago. I pulled the platter, and it seems to be sitting ok, just like the other one. But when I have the motor turned on it slows down significantly

Hi there.

In the end the motors for both players needed replacing. Ive since seen loads of posts about similar symptoms on the 5000M players so Im guessing it could be a run of defective motors maybe? Not 100% sure, but they did need replacing after inspection by InMusic. They were replaced in about Feb/March this year if I remember rightly and all seems OK so far. I’ll be FAR from happy though if these ones only last 2 years like the original motors did.