Sc5000m motor problem

I’ve been using my sc5000m players for a while and noticed if I switched the motor off it would speed up. I’ve been playing with this today and noticed it’s only on one player. This causes beat matching to be a pig at times. If I stop the player that is doing this and hit play again with motor on all is good, until I switch motor off when playing. I have instant start setup, so shouldn’t be motor drag on startup…not that matters as it continues to lose tempo. It’s only when cold that is seems to have this effect too. After half an hour of running it has stopped misbehaving. Is this a known issue? Both players are about a year old and bought at the same time. Both are linked to an x1800 mixer too.

Thanks for any help with this :smiley:


Hello @Seanygunit Welcome to the forum!

I would try two options. First - remove the platter and put it back on. Also You could remove the platters on both units and swap them. See what that brings.

Second option: Reinstall the newest software on the faulty unit. Compare what that gives.

Let us know did it changed anything.

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I have this same problem with the motor dragging. It makes the deck unsable for about half an hour with the motor on after switching on.

I tried to swap the platters, but was unable to remove one of them (the one that works fine).

I also noticed that the motor is very juddery on the dodgy deck with the platter off.

I don’t know if that’s expected because I can’t compare with the other.

Mine are fully up to date.

I have been chasing my retailer about this who in turn have been chasing Denon, but it seems to have all gone quiet.

I went all in on Denon to show support for the innovation. VL12S X1800 2xSC5000 so it’s really frustrating to get so little feedback on this problem.

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I have the same issue with my player.

Any news on this?

Could this issue be related to the beatmatching issues post? I experience similar problems.

I guess it is the same issue

Worth mentioning that when this problem is happening, the pitch bend controls will not work at all.

Worth checking if others have the same symptom.

I am having the same issue with one of my SC5000M players, turning motor on and off stops the issue but as soon as I activate the motor again (the ONLY reason I bought these was for the vinyl control) it slows down so bad it is unusable, completely unusable unmixable. And this is completely UNACCEPTABLE.