Sc5000m layer sync issue

Ok so I brought 1 x sc5000m last week, luv it!! I only purchased one for now until I can save up for another The main reason for buying this is I can still mix using mix using the layers option When I was recording a set I noticed that when I would flip between layers and the sync was on the tempo would erratically change and I would have to move the tempo slider to stop it Has anyone else noticed this, maybe the layer option does not work fully with some features of the deck?

Yes, this has been addressed by Denon staff, they are fixing it

There is already a topic about this.

Try this for now.

Prepare you grids in ep.

When playing on the deck use the tempo faders to match bpm then press sync. Start your track it will sync then turn the sync off right away. (This is for beat sync)

Rinse and repeat.

Let me know how that works.

Thanks Guys, ill have another crack at it come the weekend!

Is this topic still active. As much as I like using the gear issues are popping up. Using the X1850 when i was using sync keeping tracks at 115bpm and I played a about 20 tracks then I found one that didn’t need to be Synced so i UNSynced the master deck and the song jumped to 145bpm and its original BPM was 112. I am also finding that syncing the decks is almost tragic using the feature you are better off on your own. BOOOOOOO. What’s the trick to keeping the master deck at its Synced BPM when turning Sync off. How I am missing my Vestax 300 - Sad.

I never have that happen as I always disengage the sync for the incoming track and set the BPM with the pitch fader and then re-engage the pitch fader. The only thing I can think of that would cause what you describe is if you have tracks that are outside the % boundary you have set for the pitch fader, thus changing the % to a higher level. I could be wrong and maybe it’s a bug but I’ve never experienced what you’re describing when making sure the pitch fader is close to the BPM of what I’m mixing… What’s the BPM range of the tracks you’re mixing?