sc5000M high cpu usage when using Serato DJ

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Quick question,

When using the sc5000M players in HID mode with Serato DJ, does it severely increase your cpu usage?? Mine goes through the roof, so bad that i can’t record a mix. I had the sc5000 players before, never had any issue!

Im using the x1800 as my mixer

All firmware, drivers and Serato versions are up to date, i even upgraded my HDD to an SSD and increased the RAM from 8GB to 16GB but that hasnt really helped. Iv done all the system optimization on my laptop that Serato asks.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :grinning:

Also, its a windows 10 laptop but has the same affect on my mac mini, so please, none of the usual ‘buy a mac’ responses!

With respect :fist:

CPU spec?

I use the 5000M with serato and haven’t noticed anything unusual.

I can record, use pitch n time , play videos with no issues

Its an intel dual core i5, 2.5ghz x 2. Iv never had issues with any other equipment, even the sc5000s were flawless. Would there be a problem with the moving platters? Like they send extra midi info or somthing? Im hoping there is just somthing i need to turn off or on in the serato settings to fix it but cant see anything!

Intel Dual core is not supported with Serato AFAIK

Correction Edit for misinformation

Core 2 Duo is the processor not supported

He said it’s an Intel dual core i5 So i5 dual or quad or hex core is supported.

The system requirements on the Serato site just say “i3 1.07GHz” as the mimimum. Nothing about cores or processor generation.

The guys over at Atomix say that the CPU generation is more important than the i number or the clock speed.

If you are using serato bare bones sure you can get away with dual core, but once you start using FX, KeyLock, PNT it will struggle.

It’s common knowledge in the Serato forums even though their documentation states otherwise.


These are simply the minimum requirements to run Serato DJ Pro and the Serato DJ Pro Expansion Packs. For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you use a higher spec computer, preferably with an Intel processor.

Serato is the problem lol “upgrade” to VDJ its what i use & its smooth sailing. Most all DJs know Serato is a big resource hog period!!!

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I just ditched Serato n went full laptop free, too many headaches, now its all gravy!