Sc5000m and tidal

Hey denon people! I updated to the new firmware for the sc5000 and serato works fine. I really did it just to try it out. So here’s the issues

  1. nothing major but the warning keeps coming up that I have a firmware mismatch (by the way I have one sc5000 and one sc5000m Igor one of each because serato wasn’t supported at the time) anyhoo, I like both of the players but how to get rid of the warnings

  2. this is more important, the tidal update and ability that was previously applied to sc5000m now seems to have disappeared! Will I have to apply the old 1.4 update (to the sc5000m) to get this back and will this cause a problem if I do that? Yes I know I will lose serato, strange you can’t seem to have both :thinking:

Thanks for any feedback

Hi Steevo,

  1. Yes, it will always report version mismatch. Even if you should use a Prime4 in combination with an SC in the same network.

  2. Yes, Tidal is not available in 1.3.x. Reports have been that 1.4.x for Prime4 works with Serato 2.3.1 also, so I would give it a try on both the SC+M.

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Serato works with the Beta firmware for the 5000M

Plus you can access Tidal through serato as well

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Thanks guys! I’ll make a decision about whether to revert to 1.4 on the m i quite like not having the laptop anyway but hopefully they will eventually allow the m to have access to both serato and tidal (stand-alone). Can’t complain though hats off to denon for moving forward! :smile: