SC5000 + X1800 and Serato DJ Pro

Hi folks!

I’ve noticed a problem when I try to use the Denon Prime-kit as controllers for Serato DJ Pro. I have connected two SC5000 to separate USB-ports, and the X1800 to a third USB-port. The players connects to the computer flawless, I can select deck one and load a song from player one without any problems, but when I try to load a song on deck two from player two, it changes the song on deck one. And when I scroll thru the menus on one of the players, the other one follows like a mirror. If I touch the jog on player two, it controls deck one even if I’ve chosen deck two. All firmware are up to date.

Does anyone here recognize this problem? And does anyone have a solution?

Try link one SC5000 to the other SC5000 and from there, to one of the computers USB-port. (Daisy chaining them) And then the mixer to the second USB-port.

Did you select player 2 as deck 2 when you switch to controller mode?

Seems to me both players are deck 1

Yeah, I’ve tried daisy chaining and it doesn’t work either. Very strange problem.

I did only read that that should be the solution - haven´t done it myself. Bought the Prime units so I didn´t have to bring my computer, so if it doesn´t work, I don´t know what the issue is. Sorry :frowning:

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Yepp, both players set as different decks, tried several combinations. It doesn’t matter which deck I set, both players still just control deck 1.

I have a pair of the SC5000 but a different mixer (Pioneer S9 and Rane 62). I don’t have any issues using either decks with Serato DJ Pro.

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