Sc5000 With Kontrol Z2?

Hello everyone,

My question may sound silly, but I’m a bit new to it … I have a kontrol Z2 mixer and 2 SL1210M3D. I would like to know if it is possible to use the SC5000 with a Kontrol Z2 mixer at first, then to change it by the mixer x1800? If so, how does it work?

Thank you for your help

The Z2 is an audio mixer so it will work with the line level outputs from the SC5000.

However as the Z2 is only a 2 channel mixer, you won’t be able to make full use of the SC5000s dual layer capabilities.

Hi Gee_DenonDJ,

Thank you for your answer.

D’abord, j’utiliserai un seul layer du SC5000, et ensuite les 2, une fois que j’aurai le X1800 mixer