SC5000 vinyl replacement due to overheating

During a gig the vinyl of my sc5000m deformed. So need a replacement. The system (2x SC5000M, 1xSC5000 and 1xX1800) ran stably despite the summer heat. No problems everything perfect. After almost 5 years of regular use of the Denon system, the CUE buttons (SC5000 and Ms) and one of the faders on the X1800 may soon need replacement. Is there an address to contact? sc5000mvinyl

JFC, I just realized my SC5000 is 5 years old :rofl:

Outdoor gig?

Yes out door … but the gig was so f…ing awesome

When your set is so fire, the vinyl starts warping under your fingertips.

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Email support

I contacted them about a Prime 2 cue button but they said they were sold out and short on supplies. You also have to provide serial numbers and proof you bought the items (not sure why).

Maybe this method could help un-warp the platter?

Also, 12 inch skinz offers affordable replacement disks.