SC5000 Stuck In Boot

Hey there hoping to get some help with an sc5000 I purchased recently. I bought an sc5000 used from guitar center and it seems to be in mint condition. However when I turn the unit on all buttons light up and the main display begins to display the sc5000/denon dj logo but then it will stop after this. The unit will not power off when I push the power button etc. if I hold down the reset combo buttons on the front and the power I can get the main display to turn black but then it just goes right back to boot looping. I have tried connecting with a laptop and usb to try and get it to update. But neither have worked. Is there any ideas y’all would have for me to try? I would love if I could just solve this instead of returning gear in such good condition. And having to wait a couple weeks to a month till I can play on my full setup. Furthermore could anyone connect me with their technical support? I’ve called 4 times during their posted hours now and I just keep being told that no one is available or I’ve called outside of hours.

UPDATE: I solved the issue myself, after digging through some more forum posts I realized I had been attempting to enter the update mode incorrectly. For anyone having a similar issue make sure you press the button combo to initiate a software update BEFORE powering on the sc5000. I had been doing it as I hit the power or after. Really wish that Denon could have a dedicated page or guide for something like this almost returned just because of lack of troubleshooting documentation! But again if you are trying to solve a similar issue make you hold down Media Eject, Source and Layer keep holding those THEN hit the power button.