SC5000 rebooting itself

I bought my SC5000 2 days ago. I have constantly experiencing the problem, which makes it pretty unusable. The unit is rebooting itself all the time. At the beginning it was after ~30-40 minutes of playing. Now it’s happening even after 3-5 minutes. Tried to change the usb drive, also tried to Optimize Library via Engine software. I’m clueless :disappointed: Please help…

I would definitely send the unit back for a replacement, this is rare…But does happen.

Good luck.

To make this process faster and simplier, I’ve already tried the following: -optimizing library via engine -using different usb sticks -using SD card -using different usb ports on the SC5000

Nothing helped tho…

Does the deck reboot itself with no drives inserted ?

If it does, this does point to a hardware issue, or a problem with the USB and SD card slot interface causing the rebooting when drives are inserted.

I would send the deck back under warranty, a real shame when all you want to do is play and unleash the creativeness of the Primes :sunglasses:

Hope you get this sorted soon, Denon has you covered without a doubt.

I am hoping to have an SC5000 in the next couple of months, I always wait until a few bugs are ironed out. But that’s just me.

Good luck.

It doesn’t reboot itself when no tracks are playing. I left the player turned on with SD card inserted, but nothing was playing and it didn’t reboot for 2 hours. When I loaded a track and left it on a loop it restarted after ~20 minutes. I guess this might be a software issue.

I have the same with one SC5000 which I have for almost 3 months now, started with usb problems, last week music stops suddenly, with a black display. this happened several times, after about 15 min playing The other sc5000 has no issues, so it looks like a hardware failure in that unit. Back to the store (BAX-shop) they told me the unit wil be repaired, They didn’t gave me a new SC5000, so I have to wait for Denon to repair or replace the unit. I hope they give me a new unit.

These kind of problems worry me, are they not that rock solid build as the promotion says?


At least it doesn’t have falling out LAN and USB ports like the competition…I think that was the point of that promotion. Bad solder points are always possible and final QA cannot get catch all the defects going to the market.

I think there might be a little echo trolling going on. Maybe some serial numbers should be asked for.

Either way, I used to think along the lines of if I paid a certain price for something, then it should never ever ever fail and nothing could ever go wrong with it blah blah blah.

The reality is that anything can go wrong, whether it’s a £50,000 BMW or the 50,000th Big Mac of the month from a particular Maccy-D branch … or one SC5000 out of thousands. This one mention (and one echo?) of a 5000 rebooting itself when music is played is extremely rare already and getting rarer, in terms of pro-rata with every SC5000 being sold every day.

There’s no “will always work forever” guarantee on anything - but that’s what warrantys are for. As long as you didn’t grey import the units from a different country, just ship the unhappy one back to the place you got it, and get a happy one.

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I’m not here to troll. I’m in love with the player and I just want the problem to be fixed. I didn’t start the topic on forum, because I want everyone to know that “all SC5000’s have this problem” - I posted, because someone from @Denon_DJ on twitter told me to post it here to better understand my problem and help me. I fully understand that I just had a bad luck.

I don’t know wha the comment “Either way, I used to think along the lines of if I paid a certain price for something, then it should never ever ever fail and nothing could ever go wrong with it blah blah blah.” came from.

The player is great and I hope the problem will be fixed soon so I can fully enjoy the experience.

Nothing but love :slightly_smiling_face: DJ KM


Hi Both - the reason for bringing posts from Twitter etc onto this platform is so we can get more information from you to assist. Please both supply your unit serial number’s, date of purchase, retailer that supplied, networking environment (ie what’s connected to what, mixer, hub etc), media source(s) being used, playing files analysed with Engine Prime (?), did this happen upon power up or ‘during’ a session. Without this kind of in-depth info, our dev and support team cannot try and replicate the scenario.

Also @Ab2you, I’m confused as to why Bax Music would make you wait for a (under warranty) unit to be repaired without replacing it immediately - was it outside of their ‘exchange’ period (30 days etc)? Can you PM me all communications with them regarding the scenario you describe so we can look into that thread?

Problem both with player linked directly to X1800 mixer as well as without linking. Media sources I’ve tried this with: USB pendrive, usb 3.0 hard drive, SD card - I’ve tried also on different usb slots on the player. Music: both analyzed and not analyzed with Engine Prime, also tried to optimize library with Engine. It happens every session. I also have a short video of the issue if you want to know exactly how it looks.

Currently I’m working with the retailer on the solution - probably they’ll replace the unit.

Well, the SC5000 Prime Players have indeed problems with the LAN connection. The ports do not come off, but the link connection on my 2 SC 5000 Prime Players drops out almost in every set that i play. After a couple of minutes the connection reestablishes itself but, i gave up on using just 1 source via the link. Obviously denon does not have an answer to this problem. Maybe i should consider to return the units to the retailer and get some fresh ones.

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Hey everybody,

Thank you for posting and providing details regarding what you’re experiencing with your players. I see that you’ve already been in touch with your retailers and I am happy to see that you’re on your way to a resolution. If you do still have these units it would be helpful if you could provide serial numbers and any other details that may be pertinent to your configuration. If you are located in the US, we will be happy to help you with warranty services if this is relative to the hardware itself. If you are located outside of the US, you can work with your region’s distributor to coordinate service.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

At Bax music they have a 60 day exchange period, I have the SC5000 more than 60 days, so it will be repaired in stead of replaced. I’ve only got a receipt of the unit. No further communication yet. Serial number of the faulty unit is: A11611213900833. The units were via lan connected through the X1800, I use a Sandisk Extreme PRO USB 3.1 pendrive of 128GB containing around 7000 songs (MP3 and M4A) Total 80GB. formatted FAT32. No other pendrives connected.

Al songs were analyzed by Engine Prime software on a iMac It happened 3 times during a session. disconnect power and restart unit didn’t help. The strange thing is that after a power failure at the location the faulty unit didn’t have any problems that night. Testing the unit back home gave the same failure again: stopped music with black screen.

Unless you have proof it’s a hardware problem that present on most units (like the issue I talked about with CDJ’s) that not really a build quality issue, isn’t it?

I know this doesn’t make it any better for you or makes you problem any less serious but still, I like to talk about oranges when the topic is about them, not about apples.

I did saw your topic about losing the link connection and if you have exausted all other options (I don’t think so) and there are no topics here that are similar I would return the affected unit (you didn’t mention in your topic which unit losses the connection?) to be on the safe side if the shop offers free returns.

Sorry, if i did not understand correctly (i am german and my english is…)… Does the player reboots itself completely or just the collection? I am using big SSD-Drives as you and i formatted as XFAT. It works perfect. The FAT32 capacity is limited. For bigger SSD or HDD Space i would prefer XFAT Format.

In my case the player reboots completely with a blank/black screen The other player still works fine with the same pendrive en without failures so far,

My sc5000 is doing the same playing song then suddenly reboots it’s self back to select drive option stopping the music,this will be my 5th sc5000 replacement as my original set are back at denon being repaired these ones are replacements love love love my denon’s just want them to work

My unit was repaired by replacing main board. I had no problems since the unit returned to me. I’m also in love with my denons.