SC5000 Playlist/BPM problem

This is what I discovered today… When I started using the SC5000, about 2 months ago, all of my library/playlist was coming from Rekordbox… The library was imported using the SC5000 and everything looked fine…BUT, sometime when I load a track on a deck, I play it and then get back to the playlist I’m exepriencing a strange thing… A JUMP! Since my playlist is ordered by BPM I can see some “jump” in the playlist… So if I load a track that was analyzed at 120 BPM and then get back to the playlist, the track is no more at 120 BPM position but something different…completely different… I’m aware of this just because my playlist is ordered by BPM and before loading the track and before loading the next one I’m in a completely different position in the list… Hope this make sense to you… Another two cents…I’m sure I’ll reach 1 buck!

Sometimes the players reanalise tracks for some reason. And then gets a different bpm. I set auto analyse of but still the players reanalise tracks for some reason. I think its allready being worked on so it at least will be fixable with a manuaal bpm input or set/adjust.


Thanks for the replay/clarification… Since I’m here trying to reach my 1 buck I’ll add another one… Sometime when I load a track on a deck to be mixed with the other still playing and I change my mind going back to the playlist, this track is marked as PLAYED (GREEN)… I just only prelistened to it so something is not working properly. Of course this way I can’t tell, after some time, which has been used and which has not. Two more cents…

Doesn’t matter too much if a track of 120 bpm gets moved in a playlist to 122 or 125 etc

Either ears and a pitch slide or auto-sync will still fit the track in between whatever else is playing or about to play

The playlist still should change though. It’s as though the playlist is being sorted by original sort order only after some other sort has taken place, like “date last analysed” or date last played or something

It gets moved 33% up or down. @mufasa reported about these analyse mishaps with various examples. So please dont down play it. It is a fixable thing. Like you said with ears and pitchfader (definitly not with autosync cause it doesnt reanalise correct but waaay off, hopefully it will be fixed with a future update… It just happens too often upon loading a track that has been previously analised in EP and when you dont have a set playlist but choose tracks on the fly, things get confusing and annoying.

If a track is 120 bpm at 0 % pitch, it should be placed there, in between tracks at 120 bpm - not with the 125 bpm tracks or the 60 bpm tracks.

I to play by ear 90 % of times, but I hate that the info is incorrect.

So it need a fix!

In my opinion, until BPM analysis is fixed to work flawlessly it shouldn’t be used in Engine Prime. A small update for Engine Prime will be required to offer the option to turn off BPM analysis and read the BMP values stored in the files ID3TAG. An option can be offered to choose between analyzing the files for BPM or importing the BPM values directly from metadata info.