SC5000 new tracks not showing

Hi. I did a gig a couple of weeks ago and everything worked ok. then 2 week holiday tried to do a gig last Saturday and new tracks that I added using Engine software (they show up in the App on my Mac) do not show up on my SC5000’s, both of them. to be honest I don’t remember what the firmware was as I went into panic mode a bit as it was only 2 hours before the gig started. It definitely was not the latest firmware (2.2.1) as I tried to update to the latest firmware to fix it. The only thing that works was to go all the way back to firmware 2.0 on my players. This is very odd as I know that I was definitely using firmwares past that for a long time. So, at the moment I am stuck using Engine OS 2.0 on my sc5000 plays. FYI I have updated Engine on my Mac to the latest version. (2.1.0)