SC5000/M TIDAL connection fails when you try adding new WIFI connection

Can someone try to reproduce this issue? There might be need to change wifi connection during the set and if you have to restart players, it is quite slow.

Firmware version: 1.4.0 Device: SC5000M(s)

Precondition: (at least I had these)

  • USB in one oft the players and selected as a source
  • Players connected to WIFI A
  • open tune from Tidal and yoy can play it
  • Open Tidal and View playlist open


  1. SC5000M: press “Source” button > tap wifi icon
  2. MOBILE PHONE: Open mobile hotspot WIFI B with password to your phone
  3. SC5000M: Connect to WIFI B and enter password → connection done
  4. SC5000M: tap View > Tidal playlist was open and I tried to change to another playlist → nothing happens
  5. SC5000M: tapped source to USB and back to Tidal → starts to connect to Tidal but fails

Same happen with another player and connection didn’t seems to work. I tried to test connection and speed test was good download: 65 Mbps

I shutdown players and restarted them and made connection to same WIFI B was automatically restored. After restart TIDAL works fine with same mobile hotspot.