SC5000/M pitch bend sensitivity

Hi Guys, I just got my set of SC5000Ms and am feeling the pitch bend buttons are quite aggressive for my taste- is it possible to tune how much the pitch bend will hit? I feel like im finding it hard to balance between tapping the button and holding the button. Anyone?


I agree, but I hate using pitch bend buttons so I haven’t complained about this since I try not to use those buttons, anyway. If you tap it briefly enough, though, it should be fine as-is. Only ever tap it repeatedly if you need more than one tap. Don’t ever hold it. A setting to reduce it by 50% might be useful, but I don’t think it’s useless as it currently is if you stick to taps.

They are ways to adjust the feeling in the forward and backwards pitch bends. I have done it for both my decks. I forgotten how to do it. Hold shift and something else. I know for sure, you can find the instructions in the manual.

All I know about is Shift+Pitch Bends by default changes the pitch fader range.

Thanks guys I’ve checked the manual, all i can see is the shift + pitch bend which changes the pitch range on the pitch control fader, but nothing for the pitch bend itself- may be a new feature request-

Thanks for the tip @Reticuli, I try not to use it also, I’m just used to how it worked on me NS7’s (a long time ago when I had them) which was a. Little less touchy. Could be a new feature request I think

I thought it was just me! I found this last night. I also felt like the pitch wasn’t changing at the same speed that I moved the fader. It would “catch up” with my movements.

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Yes, sometimes I think there’s a touch of latency, particularly with keylock on. I also sometimes think I hear a kind of split-second counter-adjustment in the opposite direction commanded.