SC5000 Jog Wheel Similarity to CDJ?

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Apologies if this is to be found elsewhere (please do send me the link if so). However I am enquiringly for manual mixing (not using sync) whether the jog wheel on the SC 5000 feels the same / has the same resistance as that of CDJ 2000s?

If so / if not, has anyone mapped what the sc5000 jog wheel adjust would need to be set at, if a CDJ 2000 was set at 12 ‘o’ clock?

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Great question.

Let me preface my response by saying that there really is no right or wrong answer as it’s really a matter of taste, each platter has a slightly differing “feel” much like playing a Les Paul has a different feel than a Fender Jazzmaster. It’s all subjective, not definitive.

For me, at the “lightest” resistance setting, the platter of the SC5000 is superior to that of the CDJ, it’s smooth, feeling as though it’s almost floating on air. Where you may find a difference is the texture of the sides of the platter, the style of the SC5000 than the CDJ. The SC5000 platter is capacitive, however, I find that it’s really a moot point as the capacitive nature of it hasn’t hindered or helped my ability to use it.

For beatmatching, the platter works perfectly—you can easily push or pull the platter sides to compensate if the pitch drifts. Even more handy, the dedicated pitch buttons below the fader. I never thought I’d use the it they come in handy when mixing and making adjustments on the mixer (fader, we etc) as you can simply tap the buttons rather than perform the correction via the platter. In a pinch while deep in the mix, it’s quite handy. While there will be some purists who may shun such a thing, I opt to embrace it. But that’s just me.

I’d encourage you to find a local retailer who has a demo available in store. Most online retailers offer generous return policies, so if needed you can always purchase the hardware and give it some hands on time.

Ultimately, it will be up to you and I would strongly suggest to take feedback with a grain of salt (even mine) as it’s really a matter of taste and personal preference—it really should be tried out in-person prior to making the investment.


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I use the lightest setting also. It’s very fine and gentle when mixing.

Never used or cared for a Pioneer (other than my first CDJ500), so I cannot compare it for you.

Pitch Bend I generally don’t use but it’s handy and if you used older Denon players it could be a breeze.

I agree with the fact that just need to feel and test yourself. Mojaxx mentioned in his review he uses a stiffer jog setting and found himself using the pitch bend more than he thought he would.

It’s all a matter of taste and preference. It comes down to you. The SC and X are customizable enough to accommodate your style. For instance, I found myself using the select knob more than I thought with the availability of the touchscreen.

I would also recommend using the lowest resistance setting on the Prime touch jogs, as the friction mechanism isn’t the greatest design, both in terms of consistent feel between players and even just as you rotate around the jog, but also in terms of durability of the internal friction mechanism for resistance.

You do, however, now have control over the sensitivity of the non-M jog bend, even if it currently doesn’t seem to allow as high a max bend at the lowest sensitivity setting as Pioneer allows. You should be able to find a jog bend sensitivity setting that achieves pretty close to the range of bending possible and responsiveness you want, even if Pioneer does seem to strike a good balance on their big units by default.

The jog bend is also symmetrical now, which it wasn’t before, so that feels more like Pioneer.

Of course, Pioneer’s big players’ jogs have mechanical pressure-sensitive touch which have positives and negatives compared to the Prime players’ capacitive-sensitive technology.

Probably besides that the other biggest difference in feel on the jogs is that thankfully Prime jog bend does not have a jog bend deadzone, so even the smallest jog bend is registered. I really hate that deadzone on all Pioneers with a passion! Jogs and pitch faders are your interaction with the music and all physical movements of those two controls, even the smallest, should be registered with an outcome rather than ignored by the firmware.

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