SC5000 Freezing/Locking Up

Hi Guys…

I finally got my hands on the Prime Set-up 2 SC5000 and the X1800 mixer, they’re some bit of kit.

Anyone have issues with SC5000 locking up/freezing? When switched on the unit goes through all the start-up flashing lights (which is cool) but then every light stays on full power and I have no control over the unit. Pressing any button will do nothing so have to do a restart but this does nothing. If I leave the unit off for 1 hour it works o.k for 10-15 mins then locks up again. The second unit is working perfect.

Any ideas on how to do a factory reset or some other ideas?



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Hi Jay,

That’s not good, would definitely send the faulty deck back and get a replacement under warranty.

This is rare, but can happen.

Good luck and hope you can get this sorted quickly as possible.

If it’s any consolation, you still have access to 2 decks with the dual layers on the working deck :slight_smile:


One of my three decks just did this exact thing.