Sc5000 em modo HID no serato nao reconhece deck 2

Hi … I bought a pair of SC5000, I’m using with the Serato SL3 board. works perfectly with my cdj 2000 but with the sc5000 does not work the decks 2,3. for the deck one works perfectly, the links also do not work. is there any hidden mode setting to do? I looked for these problems in many places and nobody could answer me … please help me.

This maybe a Serato DJ issue. Have you contacted them?

I have a couple of cdj 2000 and it works perfectly in HID, I do not understand why this problem with sc5000. I got in touch with the serato, they directed me to get in touch with Denon. very annoying this push game pushes. I really need a support

Did you make sure your second player is set to player 2 in the utility menu?

yes . but dont work

I just started experimenting with Serato after many years so I’m no expert but while setting Serato up on my sc5000 + djm900nxs2 (yesterday) I learned a few things that might help here: 1) disconnect all USB cables 2) connect USB cable from mixer to computer, 3) connect USB cable from computer to sc5000, 4) in sc5000 > Utility > set player number to Player 1. Using this single player setup, can you access all four decks?

I already did and nothing has changed. I believe you are defective.

If you’ve contacted Serato support & they can’t help I would suggest contacting our technical support:

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I already sent an email. I am waiting. thank you very much

It’s too bad you’re having an issue with Serato and your sc5000. I’ve used most of what is out there, but it was kind of ridiculous how easily all four decks just appeared. Hopefully it’s something super minor @djsamambaia . Best of luck.

thank you friend

I have the same issue! I looks like it only controls deck 1

what did you do? Are you having someone’s help? Can you film and post here to see?

Hi @djsamambaia,

There’s a lot of information we are missing here:

  • Are you only using the SL3 to unlock Serato, and for audio output from Serato?
  • SC5000s are connected to the computer via USB, correct?
  • Both SC5000s are fully updated to FW v1.2.2?
  • Are you able to control Deck 1 from both SC5000s or only one? And is Deck 2/3 inaccessible from both SC5000s or only one?

I can think of two suggestions here:

  1. Test without the SL3 (this will depend on if you’re able to unlock Serato without it or not)
  2. Make sure decks 2 and 3 are set to “internal” and not waiting for timecode from the SL3 inputs.

I’m using the SL3 for unlocking and audio output, HID

the SC5000 are connected via usb

I can control the deck one of the two sc5000, the decks 2/3 are yes assesiveis but I can not control with the sc5000. I have a couple of cdj 2000’s and they work perfectly.

Sl3 is working perfectly, I tested the sc5000 system with a s9 mixer and I had the same problem

the dcds 123 are defined as internal. I have no difficulties with configuration since I already use serato is almost 6 years old.

Try it with the Serato 1.9.10

That’s original release that supported the 5000s

You may also try creating a new midi profile on your Mac

I think it must be the sc5000 same … I tried to do it and it did not work … everything was the same

Is it the same 5000 not working?

If you swap player 2 for 1? Will player 1 stop working as well?

the two only work as deck 1