SC5000 asymmetric jog bend

Has anything been done about it? Firmware update?

The M was never asymmetric, it’s just about at least double as sensitive as it should be in both directions and not adjustable. Even if it was cut in half, though, arguably both the Ms and non-Ms will still need their maximum translated rate and max bend possible increased, their lower end of the curve made even less sensitive, and/or the use of something like a log curve if it’s not already done.

Yup, has been resolved and works great for me.

For some reason I thought he was talking about the M. Must have been looking at the category and saw that M.


Anyway, yes, Kevin’s right: the non-M is symmetrical now. Still doesn’t work as well as the Gemini or Pioneer jog bends yet, though. Hence the reason for that second link I posted.

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resolved? how?

It is symmetric with 4 settings since firmware 1.4.1 I believe

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I don’t know about this one with the M Reticuli. I feel the pitch bend buttons and platter bends are ok and never considered anything about it.

Motor-off platter bend on SC5000M is not adjustable and is way too sensitive, but has always been symmetrical.

You’re a sinner if you dj like this with the M :laughing:

I don’t, but it needs to be fixed nonetheless.