SC5000 and Tidal

I Just got my SC5000’s and love to play Tidal on the 2 SC5000’s at the same time. Now every time i play a song on the left deck i can’t get in to Tidal on the Right now. Only when i login again on the Right i can get the songs on there but then the Left one i need to login again.

Is there a posibility to play Tidal on the Left and Right at the Samentime .? Love to get some tips / tricks about it.

Cheers, Kevin

Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum.

Your Tidal account can only play music from one device at a time at the moment. You could workaround this using the other layer and not the other player.

I think it has to do with the way Tidal is accessed.

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Yes that is what I’m doing right now… is there Any info of it maybe getting to using link in the tidal menu with 2 decks… Or just wait and see… Because you can die Tidal and 4decks on the Prime 4 but that is one system off course…

Thx for your reply do

Mine works on both decks. I had to login on both text and I pay for a tidal account but it works great

I am using 1.4

But also at the Same Time.? I know i can play layers over Tidal but the 2de Player is so deck 2/4 i need to log in again and it will log out on deck 1/3 .! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did something change with Tidal?

When I did the Tidal trial, I could play from both players independently at the same time :face_with_monocle:

I remember the players generating separate codes for tidal access.

I did the trial with the Hifi tier

I do recall getting an occasional message saying your account is being used and it knocks the player off, but once I wait a few seconds …it kicks in again

Could be. I’ll check tonight or tomorrow. Using HiFi tier also.


Yes i can play a whole set of tidal between 2 decks, back and forth

must be something that changed. I had the Tidal open last days but connecting one kicks the other… It can be it’s a change with HiFi … :stuck_out_tongue: but i will wait on the reply of Reese.

Did you register the players with separate codes?

Register with Denon you meen .?

On tidal portal, the players generate a code. And they generated different codes.

I can remember doing that when I did the 3 months trial.

yes Did that… But everytime i connected / Registerd the one the other was kicked off

I did get that behavior as well but it was the odd time.

I just chalked it up to “beta bug”

This is with just updated my SC’s

Used it last weekend back and forth no problems . Stil on firmware 1.3.x. (Not sure wich one, no sc in front of me right now) .

Tested on 1.4.1.

No problems using 1 account and 2 players. Even Instant Double works, i.e. downloading the same track on the second player.

No problems whatsoever! I run my two 5000 and P4 at the same time. Works flawlessly! Just one Tidal-account.

But with Normal Tidal of the HiFi one .?

Hifi flac tier