SC5000 and SeratoDJ?

I know it seems irrelevant, but will the SC5000 work with Serato DJ?

The SC5000 Prime has a “Zombie/Midi” mode and a Serato Controller Mode so it can forget that it’s got a multicore processor, forget that it’s more accurate than today’s DJ software etc and just be a box of buttons


That’s a very honest answer! I ask, because it will allow a transition from Serato to Engine, without having to do a “Hard” change. Thank you.


LOL :joy:

Exactly… “Zombie mode” aka MIDI mode :wink:

[quote=“DJ_Boothe, post:2, topic:1276, full:true”] it’s more accurate than today’s DJ software[/quote] well the sc5000 is running a dj software as well. in which way is it more accurate?

The SC5000 can go into “Zombie mode” and just act as a box of buttons for all the usual suspects of DJ software over the years, eg: Virtual DJ, Serato, and that other one that hardly anyone talks about.

Accuracy wise, the key adjust/stretch, BPM and loop point settings are all extremely powerful internally and of course not suffering latency between an external lappy and the unit.

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See 2:35 of this video

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See that the waveforms on the SC5000s are all white and show just noise - he is using timecode on USB sticks to control Serato through a SL/DS box (probably tucked somewhere behind the laptop).

If you notice the DJ is using Scratch Live instead of Serato DJ. I am still using Scratch Live myself with my 3900’s just because I trust SL will work. I have had crashing issues with Serato DJ over the past few years.

I know it is not going to happen but would be nice if the 5000’s would work in Hybrid mode like the 3900’s do. Not holding my breath on that to ever happen…just a thought.

There is, in theory, nothing stopping the new SC5000 from generating a hybrid DVS tone internally to control any DVS listening software, but, like MIDI it, it would be like inviting Ironman to a intergalactic battle and just have him holding the coats … eg: Having an incredible standalone/next-generation of DJing device just sitting there as a box’o’buttons, humming a DVS tone.

Support from the DJ software companies is, of course, the other half of the equation. You may recall that Hybrid worked nicely with Native Instruments Traktor initially, then NI brought out their own hardware bits and at almost exactly the same time (by co-incidence?) switched their DVS frequency on their software, which then all-but defeated the hybrid tone within the units which offered Hybrid tone. (All this post btw, is purely a container for my own thoughts, not Denons stance etc).

The option of playing any ripped/recorded DVS timecode tone through a 5000 is there - but again whether or not a particular DVS tone is copyrighted against ripping etc may be down to the individual software companies themselves.

exactly. i don’t think the sc5000 needs any external help. in fact it has more than i need already and due to the great display the visual advantage of an external dj software is not a big plus anymore either.

it’s of course different if you’re using advanced setups that for example include things like additional effects or routing and such.

I am planning on using these to control Serato DJ but still do not fully trust it. Scratch Live has been a work horse for me and never let me down. Serato DJ on the other hand has caused many issues with me as well as many of my DJ friends. As i am a totally open format DJ I have everything from classic wedding music to hip hop to EDM and everything in between and have spend years getting my crates in order. My work flow would probably suffer using the screen for lading tracks.

The screen allows searching by crate.

Also, every DJ will find their way. Track selection can be made using the parameter knob for those wishing to emulate a more traditional selection method, rather than a multi gesture multi touch screen.

OHHHHH…so if i plug in my Serato Drive the players will ready my SERATO folder and then I can see a list of my crates??? If so does it put the crates in the order that Serato would call them up or in alphabetical order. If so that is a pretty well thought out move my Denon!

I can try that out for you tomorrow if you don’t hear back.

Good morning, I wanted to know if you can use sc5000 in DVS with SeratoDJ? it’s possible?

The team of Serato tells me this…

Hey There,

Thanks for getting in touch, Support for these in HID mode will be released in a future Update of Serato DJ, however, is you wanting to use DVS you can do so straight away, you will just need the Serato Control Tone of a USB

I thought the purpose of the sc5000 is to have all the feature that’s in software on a standalone deck and do away with the computer or laptop. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get a controller to use with serato? The thing is I bet people will blame the mc5000 if there is any problems between serato and the decks.

I think you’re referring to the “Box o’ buttons” situation as some might refer to this scenario as; e.g.: A really powerful standalone unit, just being used as a box of buttons and a platter, e.g.: being used as a midi controller.

Admittedly, the SC5000 platter is really nice, smooth, and (important to some), silent, compared to some units out there, but still, when used as merely a controller for DJ software, there’s an awful lot of features and processing power just not being utilised. This is somewhat akin to buying the latest, greatest i7 laptop and using it merely as a QWERTY keyboard.