SC5000 and MCX8000 compatability issues

New to the forum so if this isnt the right place to post, my bad! But continuing on, I have a MCX8000 and 2 SC5000 Prime. My goal was to use my MCX8000 as the mixer and run the 2 MCX deck and the 2 SC5000 for a total of 4 decks. But the problem im having is that the playback from the SC5000 is very easily distinguishable when coming through the monitors. Ive messed with the EQ’s and all and it just sounds so much different. Louder and even more well rounded. All files are analyzed through Engine Prime for both usb im using.

Use both layers on the SC5000’s into the MCX8000 mixer, then all 4 decks will sound the same.

Hi! Thanks for posting.

One of the best parts of the SC5000 Prime is the quality of the audio output at a full 24-bit/96k. The MCX8000 sounds great, but when played side-by-side against such high-resolution, it’s very possible you will hear the difference (though I wouldn’t expect everyone will).

EQ alone may not be enough to hide this. Like @JonnyXDA mentions, I think your best bet would be to use the SC5000 A and B layers, and use the MCX8000 for mix and backup.

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