SC3900s Decks 3 & 4 MCX8000

Is there a way to run two SC3900s as decks 3 and 4 on an MCX8000 in midi hybrid mode with Serato DJ?

I think it’s possible. You will need to import XML mapping file that has mapped decks 3 and 4 and units set to correct midi channels. You will also need 3 free usb ports on your laptop.

Is there an XML file out there for this or even one for using 4 decks in Serato DJ?

I have only seen a SDJ SC3900 xml file for “regular”, A+B deck mixing. And even that was a user created xml mapping file, not a official one. Because, as you know (or at least you should), SC3900 was made when there wasn’t a SeratoDJ software but SSL. So DenonDJ only made a SSL xml mapping file for hybrid-midi mode.

Serato switched to SDJ that had no midi-out mapping possible (led lights) and used different midi values for mappings so no SSL xml files works 100% with SDJ. You can probably get that SDJ xml file (I’m sure some users here have it) but you will need to modify it or get somebody that can do it for you.