Sc3900 beatmatching problems please help!


Im still the very proud owner of two denon sc3900 media players. For quite sometime now i noticed the bpm will not match on both players. If one player is playing a tune with 160 bpm and the other player matches it one player will start to walk off the grid. So it takes like 10 to 20 seconds before it all goes haywire timing wise. Is this a problem of the engine 1.5 software or is one of my players getting wonky. I tried skipping bpm analyze in engine or change the beatgrid mode in the software or in the players themselfs. I really do love these players so im really anxious about fixing this.



Using sync? How are you using the players, with tunes on USB sticks? Tried loading the same song on both then seeing how long they say timed? Remember that, because the speed of playback is controlled by the platter, small variances such as wow and flutter of platters will affect it (they really didn’t joke when they said that it’s JUST LIKE turntables). Also try noticing which player goes faster out of sync - play same song on both players, one with vinyl mode off (platter doesn’t spin) then change. When you identify the problem player, switch platters to see if the problem follows the platter. Common thing if you transported the players and didn’t remove the platters.

Indeed, welcome to the world of vinyl DJ’s of yesterday … is this something that has developed recently (i.e. you never had this problem before) or have they always shown this behavior?