SC2900 slow USB (pendrive) access


2 player, same problem with or without LAN cable connection.

Reading MEMO data 5-10s. Save waveform or MEMO need 3-4s waiting time and blinking USB active LED. Reading “A” player pendrive in “B” player: “A” player time frame display freezing more time (all USB reading). “A” player playing CD, “B” player playing “A” pendrive mp3 file.

The pendrive USB3 speed Kingston (USB2 read/write speed faster than another noname/chepaest drives). Not fragmented.

Continue CD playing (read waveform/MEMO), need more than 5s to load infos.

Creating waveform “master device” (with MEMO data pendrive, not linked, only this player): Next track 9sec (USB active=read not available track info), 12sec painting waveform.

If only waveform creating playback (100% pitch), more track first 20-30 sec not created waveform, need again playing OR created waveform, NOT DISPLAYED “WFM” and first 20-30sec wave. After track change and back, WFM displayed, all ok.

How to speed up waveform/MEMO data read/write?