SC2900 physical connections with Prime

Tmotion mentioned all working with SC2900

I can connect to one player, but can’t see the waveform

I cannot connect to second player though, is that normal?


dj MaGiCdAvE

You mean Engine 1.5.2?

Engine Prime doesn’t have option of linking the players.

I do remember the old Engine having a full-color iPad app that you could use to send tracks to the 2900s. Pretty nifty back then.

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Only nifty if you had set your ipad to stop searching for other wifi networks, otherwise the connection kept getting lost. On the other hand, a cheap netbook (remember those?) plugged via LAN and set above mixer worked like a charm.

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Apart from looking at individual tracks and sending to a USB if playing out, what is the point of Engine or Engine Prime software?

To see how tracks mix together have to use CDs or Traktor.

As Prime has a one or two decks option?!?

Am i missing something here?

not linking, but working with each individually?

To find the key, bpm, set cuepoints, loops To organise songs into playlists and export them into a usb stick ready to play on players and so that players can read that track info. Did you read manuals?

Yes, I have read manuals.

I have always analysed key and bpm with Mixed In Key, and Engine Prime is good for that too, as used the Camelot wheel.

I am a psy trance Dj and don’t use loops. As for cue points, I also use the first beat of the first bar/phrase and mix for 1-2 minutes using eq and knowing tracks. the full wave display is useful though for less familiar tracks. To play with mixing tracks though I am still using CDs or Traktor.

Does that answer your queries? I hope so.

What Engine Prime does is create an index of all the tracks on your drive, so it is able to quickly find the tracks you want. It also makes sure you have a correct beat-grid, needed for beat-based features like some FX and things like sync.

Clearly you could still use any “flat” usb-drive with your tracks on it, just like it was a CD :-D.

i can see in terms of a database, and if you have time you can analyse ALL your tracks

I say all, as many of us do not prepare sets to play out, but to have a good selection analysed and with cue point can be useful

to play out though, tracks have to be rekordbox compatible?

I fully agree that your (what I call) core collection should be 100% prepared with beatgrids, tags, comments, keys, cues, loops and whatever else you want.

could take a while though

all my CDs are labelled with bpm and key though already, this is the next step I guess