SC2900 not recognize from Mac OS Mojave in USB

Hi All,

I would need help to set my SC2900 with Mac OS.

Mapping in USB is working perfectly with Traktor Pro 3 ( map download from DENONDJ.DE website) but I have an issue that Os Mojave recognize my SC2900 as an external soundcard. Therefore I can’t use them as Mac OS only recognize the internal sound card from my MacBook Air… Knowing that there in necessity to install additional drivers to use them on Mac what could be the issue ?

I’ve already updated the firmware to the latest available (1.1168 from

I’ll send a print screen .

Many thanks for your support

Hello @Aure, we have a new downloads link on our website where you can find the latest firmware builds for your Denon DJ products. Goto:

If you have any further difficulties, our Technical Support is available to help you here:

SC2900 is a discontinued product and Denon stopped making firmware updates for it so you’re out of luck unfortunately. Apple breaks Core Audio support for a lot of audio interfaces with every new OS despite them being compliant (for Denon ones, including SC2900/3900 it was Sierra if I’m not mistaken) and then it up to the OEM to patch it up.

When inMusic bought Denon all the old hardware was left behind because the firmware and software was developed by a third party.

My suggestion: use a external audio interface like the simple Audio 2 = you won’t have problems when switching between controller mode and cd/usb media.

Or…switch to windows hahahaha :wink:

That’s certainly sound advice. :+1:t3:

Thanks for your feedbacks… It seems that I’ll buy an SL4 to use them…


That’s a big overkill for Traktor and 2ch…

Just because Denon DJ division has been acquired by InMusic doesn’t mean the products wearing Denon DJ badge should be left behind by dropping suport or service, because, after all, they are still Denon DJ products and one should think about preserving the company name, pedigree and status in the industry. Also, the people working for Denon are still there, or at least most of them, and the knowledge database is still in the company’s vaults. So it should not be a problem to support their own products. If buying Denon DJ division by InMusic means abandoning good concepts and designs, maybe it would be a good ideea to rebrand and rename the company altogether so that people will know that they are dealing with a completely different company now, with different products, without a whole lot of history and pride behind, but I don’t believe Denon DJ people would agree with that.

Yours & my opinion won’t change the facts that were stated in my post.

For the moment, maybe, but let’s hope for the best from Denon because stock of legacy products still exists!