SC2900 display feedback with Traktor Pro 2 in midi mode

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Does anyone has a working .TSI file in which the display of the SC2900 gets feedback from Traktor Pro 2 (no scratch ) in normal midi mode ? Or a "how to " manual to get this working ?


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The most responsive way to setup the SC2900 with Traktor is with the Hybrid MIDI mode. There is a TSI file and setup instructions/manual located on the product page:

This is essentially a DVS setup without the CDs or vinyl.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply but this TSI is for Traktor scratch only. I have no need for scratch and on the web I see some YT movies where people have display feedback on Traktor Pro 2 ( not scratch ) and the SC2900 in normal midi mode.

What I read on the web is that it was a part of a TSI that was ment for an older Denon player.

Yes, it was put together from a old TSI mapping file for a HD4500 controller. It’s amazing to think how, back then, NI was not only willing to work with hardware manufacturers but also customize the Traktor software for each unit (in this case, they added the deck track name output via regular midi in the source code).

Be patient, somebody must have it saved. And if I remember correctly, majority of users experienced latency when using it because of the amount of midi data that was sent via usb.

Yes, the tsi file which copied track title and artist names had chunks of the HC4500 tsi file in it to populate the displays of the 2900/3900

As “slayformoney” hinted at, the performance on any lappy which wasn’t an incredibly powerful top of the range super machine, suffered terrible performance issues and latency - so by all means try locating and using the merged tsi at home etc but ooooooh give it some serious home testing before any important gigs come along.

Hi , i am using a sc2900 and the specific mapping for text on screen also If you like i will send it to you I am using a macbook pro i5 with 8gb of ram and this is working flawlessly

hello guys i have the same problem using traktor scratch latest version: if i use the mapping provided in traktor , the screen doesn’t show anything (so maybe i can ask you the mapping for the screen FONS?) If i use the hybrid mode mapping provided by denon, the screen works but many other issues appears : play button doesn t work, pitch range doesn t work etc…) anyone has a solution to have a fully working sc2900 with traktor scratch pro 2.11 ?

hi here is a link to the text mappings

Hi, I’m new to Denon and got these Decks as a bonus when i bought a 2nd hand x1600 mixer. The learning curve seems quite steep and I am also having trouble with mapping for Traktor. I have got the sc2900’s working with tractor in Midi mode but not in hybrid midi. Same problem as mentioned before. Start pause button doesn’t work. Nothing on the display screen in either. Been trying to set up with 2 x tractor D2’s and run all 4 tractor decks in a set up but I am finding it a little complex. D2 information is very limited! Any direction would be appreciated and I am not that midi smart but do understand the theory.

Wich version of traktor are you using? if u are using NON scratch only midi mode will work . Plenty mappings for that , if you want i can send u one

Hi, thanks for coming back to my post.

I am using TRAKTOR 2 PRO Version

a Macbook pro i7 processor 4 gig memory.

running Yosemite 10.10.5 (I haven’t upgraded due to reading forums that say tractor is less stable on later OS.

I thought that was the case regards Midi and have had some success with the 2900’s using them this way. However the deck is fairly in active. Only start and Cue eliminate. Buttons like sip and lock don’t seem to do anything even though I can see a midi signal is being transmitted.

Ideally as I said I would like to use these decks along side 2 Traktor D2’s. Problem here is its testing me getting the deck assignment right.

If you could send me a better midi map that will give me more control over tractor that would be great. Maybe I am expecting to much but the 2900 when used as a cd player has a lot of features and seems to be all singing & dancing so just thought it strange that it was stripped down in Midi mode.

As mentioned in my first post I am using the denon dn x1600 and the sound card within.

Using usb to connect all to the computer and using the additional busses on the back of the D2’s to save me using a hub.

I am exited about this set up if I can get it working without fault. Tractor has crashed a few times while using the complete set up and I am nervous to use live until I get it sorted.

So any advice or help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Fons already told you, you need to have a Traktor Scratch Pro licence to be able to use Hybrid Midi mode on Denon players, not Traktor Pro.

Hi Fons, can you send me a Traktor Pro 2 mapping for midi mode (not hybrid) for the SC2900?

thank you so much


Hey Fons, Do you have one that lights up the LED ring ?

I’ve never found one to light up the ring and have it actively spin. You can load a track via usb which lights the ring and then switch to midi. The ring stays lit but doesn’t rotate.

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hello fons, i bought 2 sc2900 and i am looking for a reliable and complete tsi midi map for traktor pro, the one on the denon and hybrid mode website and not for me, thanks a lot.

The only thing you were ever able to get with those hooked up through traktor was the track name scrolling and you have to use HC4500 tsi in conjunction with a 2900 tsi mapping. I can send you the tsi’s I used to use but they were for Traktor 2.

Just sent you what I had. It’s been SOOOOOoooo long since I used those decks with Traktor. I had to go dig up my old laptop, I was surprised it still started up, actually. Anyway, I hope those tsi’s help. I seem to recall getting the display to work was a bit wonky, you have to enable both the sc2900 tsi and the Display tsi for each controller.

thank you very much sirReal, very kind, i got the tsi. tomorrow I will try them and see how they are, don’t you remember how IN-PORT and OUT-PORT are set in traktor? do I have to set All PORT both? . for the text I had already tried the tsi on the denon HC4500 site, they worked but they gave me audio conflicts and latency problems on the mac. Instead the midi tsi you gave me are better and more complete than the denon hybrid mode site.

There’s a deck A and Deck B that are set to all. I can’t remember offhand about the display tsi. Try All first.