SC2900 as controller

I have a question about Serato. If I purchase this soundcard can I use my SC2900 as controllers? And I’m not into that DVS-solution, I mean like real hardware controller.

No, you cannot control SDJ software decks without the use of DVS (timecode cd or hybrid midi mode). SC2900 is not a serato official controller. But with hybrid midi mode you can have hotcues and other controls on the SC2900, look into it.

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Thx. I really appreciate your answer.

You may cannot control Serato but nearly any other DJ software on the market, like VDJ, Traktor or Cross. And further use the internal soundcard of the SC2900 in ASIO mode.

Serato could, if they want to, support nearly every midiable device - but Serato doesn’t want to support that much hardware. It’s still a a licencing problem with Serato. And of course they eliminate hardware problems by supporting not every device.