Sc live and prime series

I’m just wondering if the SC live series will replace the prime series. I’m aware the prime 2 has been discontinued and I have read reports that the prime 4 has been taken off Denon’s web site. I’m a prime 4 owner and can honestly say it’s the best bit of kit I’ve owned. If the prime 4 were ever to be discontinued would Denon stop the support for this piece of equipment?

Have they stopped the support for the SC5000 after it had been discontinued?

There is your answer :slight_smile:

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Hi mate, this is the first bit of Denon equipment I’ve owned. I sold my pioneer stuff and recently switched so I wouldn’t have a clue. I’m assuming by your reply the SC5000 still gets full support even after being discontinued :raised_hands:

That is correct! And this is a fact I REALLY appreciate about Denon. At Pioneer, they threw 2-3 half-assed updates at you and then say “goodbye, please buy the new Nxs2/Mk2”. Heck, even a simple request like “please give the Start/Stop Adjust on the XDJ-1000Mk2 an option to only work as Stop Adjust” got instantly rejected (by Pulse of course, lol).

The SC5000 on the other hand has received ALL recent updates without any issue. I still highly recommend that deck, as especially on Ebay, it is much cheaper than the 6000, and in terms of functionality, there is zero difference. That 7" screen is also plenty enough for a solo deck.

As for the Prime 2 and 4, these units are even newer, so they will receive updates for quite some more time. And even IF not, they already got so many new features for free since the release, that we really can’t complain. Tbh I would be perfectly fine with mere stability/bug-fix updates. It’s the Desktop software which needs a stronger update focus.

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I agree that Denon needs to focus on Engine DJ and fix bugs as well as add enhancements for “existing” hardware that is still supported. I have the Prime 2, and I would like for a fix for the external USB recognition to be done for the Apple Venture compatibility.

Unless you mean a specific section of the site, then no, it’s still there :blush: PRIME 4 | Standalone DJ System | Smart Console | Denon DJ :blush:

Prime 4 is still current. Still in production. No worries! Also, the MCX8000 is still on Denon’s website! lol So can’t really go by that either. haha